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10 Mindfulness Products To Boost Your Mental Health

Being human can be complex, miraculous and sometimes difficult. Our mental health can fluctuate throughout our lives, caused by any number of internal and...

Love is in the air: the sex toys taking sustainability (and love) to new heights

In an era of sexual liberation and expression, there's a movement on the block that's been flipping how society perceives and thinks about sex...

A Curated Guide to the Self-Care You Deserve

We're currently over halfway through Mental Health Awareness Week, an important reminder to open up and amplify conversations of mental health and wellbeing. This...

Get Happy: How To Naturally Boost Dopamine And Serotonin Levels

Serotonin and Dopamine are our happiness hormones, which when imbalanced, can negatively affect our mental health. Find out how you can boost these hormones naturally.

Invest in rest: how to have a better sleep routine

From hemp healers and linen eye masks to organic cotton bedding and bamboo silk pjs; we're sharing some easy ways to invest in rest and create better sleep routines.

Brand Spotlight: The Un Company

We sat down with The Un Company to learn all about the amazing work they're doing to support better menstrual health for women with their innovative 'Un Cup'. Check out their interview here!

Creative ways to add meditation into your day

Simply by becoming present in the moment and focusing on the breath, you can incorporate meditation into your everyday tasks with minimal effort. So in honour of World Meditation Day, we're sharing some of our favourite and most creative ways to meditate.

6 daily habits to improve your mental health

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we're sharing 6 daily habits to improve your mental health.

Easy eco swaps for a more healthy sustainable lifestyle: health & beauty

While you might not be ready to part with all your favourite beauty products just yet, we've got some easy sustainable alternatives that will simplify your everyday beauty routine, improve your health and help the planet in the process.

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