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Support people with a Living Wage,
when you shop Veo ♥

Veo is 1 of only 5,000 UK businesses proud to be a Real Living Wage employer.

A Living Wage Employer ensures to meet the costs of living, and NOT just the government minimum, as we strive to support a more sustainable way of life for our employees and their families.

Our employees are invaluable as Veo seeks to be the world’s most earth friendly marketplace, helping customers find and discover products that are better for us and the world around us.

We believe our staff deserve a fair days pay for their commitment to creating a better world.

The UK Real Living Wage differs from the National Minimum Wage as it’s independently calculated on what employees need to live comfortably.

In the UK there are 3 wage rates:

  1. The Minimum Wage for under 25s (mandatory)
  2. The National Living Wage for over 25s (mandatory)
  3. The Real Living Wage (voluntary)Veo is here