We bank with Triodos Bank, the leading expert in sustainable banking.

Because not only do we care about who looks after our accounts, but Triodos care about us as a company and how we stand for positive change.

What do Triodos stand for?

Triodos’ aim is to help and facilitate the positive change ethical businesses like ours bring to the immediate community and further afield. In their own words: "[w]e have the same duties as other banks to look after our customers' money, but we approach banking differently. Our products and services are all designed around our core values of fairness, sustainability and transparency" and they "publish details of every organisation [they] lend to".

This is why Veo has chosen Triodos. Together, we aim to have a positive impact, creating a more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly future for everyone. 

Their current account card is also "the most eco-friendly option on the market" which was designed "to reflect the Triodos values of sustainability, community and organic growth."

The card is made from a plastic substitute called polylactic acid (PLA), which is created from renewable sources such as plant leaves and corn, rather than petroleum. PLA is biodegradable, recyclable and non-toxic if incinerated.

Divesting from bad business

Triodos won't lend to any organisation that puts profit before people and planet, including non-sustainable products & services, and non-sustainable working practices. More specifically, this includes any businesses involved in producing or trading in weapons, tobacco, pornography, fur or environmentally hazardous substances.

This also covers the fossil fuel and the gambling industry. It covers everything from animal testing and inhumane farming methods, through corruption and support for dictatorial regimes, and breaches of fundamental labour rights. 

Suffice to say, Triodos' values aligns impeccably with Veo, which is why we choose to bank with them!

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