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Creative ways to add meditation into your day


Did you know, 26% of Brits meditate to improve their mental health making meditation the most popular form of wellbeing therapy in the UK. Click To Tweet

If you’ve never tried meditation, you might think of it as a practice reserved only for spiritual yogis, hippies, and monks but that is no longer the case! With our lifestyles busier than ever, more and more people are turning to meditation as a way to unwind and relieve stress. Research shows that meditation is actually the most popular form of wellbeing therapy in the UK with 26% of Brits using it to improve their mental health. The benefits of meditation include reduced anxiety, better sleep, and improved mood to name a few. But while meditation seems like a great practice to incorporate into your day, sitting still in silence for half an hour every day simply isn’t practical or enjoyable for everyone. But the principles of meditation are actually a lot simpler than we think. Simply by becoming present in the moment and focusing on the breath, you can incorporate meditation into your everyday tasks with minimal effort. So in honour of World Meditation Day (21st May 2021), we’re sharing some of our favourite and most creative ways to meditate, below!

1. Tea Meditation

Credit: NEMI Teas | veo.world/nemiteas

Start your day with intention by taking the time out for a tea meditation. This form of meditation is incredibly easy and simply requires you to focus on the process of making yourself a heartwarming brew. Pay attention to the details, from the sound of the water boiling to the feeling of steam on your face as you hold your cup. Focus on breathing deeply as you sip, to truly feel a sense of calm. In order to make this moment even more mindful, choose teas that boost your mood and offer great benefits to your health including calming chamomile and green tea. Click here to explore our range of loose leaf teas and biodegradable teabags available in a variety of blends and flavours.

2. Shower Meditation

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Another great way to incorporate mindfulness into the start of your day is with a shower meditation. Also known as waterfall meditation, this practice uses water as a mechanism for washing away any tension, stress, or anxiety within the body. Breathe in deeply and pay attention to the sound of the rushing water. Focus your awareness on the feeling of each droplet hitting your skin. You can enhance the experience by choosing shower cremes and lotions that soothe the skin with essential oils which are known to promote a sense of calm such as Peppermint and Lavender. Click here to discover our lush and luxurious bath & shower selection.

3. Movement Meditation

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If you’re someone that finds it hard to sit still and concentrate, movement meditation might be exactly what you need. The mind-boosting benefits of exercise are well known but mindful movement takes it one step further. This is one activity where focus on the breath is essential. Work on controlling your breathing through each movement and practice paying attention to the way each muscle flexes and contracts in the process. Whether you enjoy yoga, lifting weights in the gym, or simply taking a walk in the park, you can find a way to make your next workout more mindful and therapeutic. Discover our selection of lightweight and breathable women’s and men’s activewear that is perfect, whatever your exercise style.

4. Cleaning Meditation

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We know it might sound strange but yes, cleaning your home can also be a great way to meditate! It involves a process of simple, methodical tasks that can help you get into a state of flow and gentle concentration. Rather than letting your mind race thinking about all the other things you need to do with your day, take time to feel present and focus on what’s right in front of you. Enjoy the warmth of the water as you wash the dishes or the motion of wiping down your surfaces. What’s great about using toxin-free cleaning products is that you can focus on breathing in deeply as you clean, without fear of inhaling harmful chemicals in the process.

Those are four effective and creative ways to incorporate meditation into your daily routine that don’t involve sitting still. If you enjoyed reading this, you’ll love our blog post on 6 daily habits to improve your mental health.



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