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The Best Low-ABV & Alcohol-Free Drinks For Sober October

Taking on the Sober October Challenge this year? We're sharing some healthy, alcohol-free alternatives that are guaranteed to make this month a breeze.

50 Best Vegan Restaurants In London

London is bursting at the seams with new and exciting vegan restaurants. With so much to choose from, we have compiled a guide for...

A Manchester Guide to Plant-Based Eateries

Manchester, once the engine of the industrial revolution, is also the beating heart of Veo HQ. We may have less chimneys around the city...

What to get someone who is vegan: foodie edition

Whereas just a few years ago, veganism was somewhat of an underground movement, today it has well and truly cemented itself amongst the mainstream,...

International Coffee Day: time for a wake up call

“But first, coffee”. From the essential morning coffee run to that afternoon slump pick-me-up, our appetite for coffee knows no bounds. But with such...

#WorldVegetarianDay Tempeh Stir Fry Recipe

In honour of #WorldVegetarianDay, we've collaborated with Lara Sayegh from Fresh Greens Blog to bring you the most delicious, healthy stir fry recipe using tempeh, a fantastic meat alternative from Better Nature.

The ultimate guide to sustainable coffee

While the unethical practices of the conventional coffee industry might leave a poor taste in your mouth, we've got some great tips to help you have a more mindful morning brew.

The Best Foods To Help You Beat The Bloat

We're sharing some of the best foods to help you beat the bloat while boosting your overall wellbeing in the process.

Diet culture: the problem with calorie counting

Diet culture is a pervasive part of modern society but it goes far beyond calorie counting. It's all about our relationship with food and body image. So how can we achieve balance? Keep reading to find out!

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