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A Candid Conversation with The SABI on Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Empowering Women

Step into the soul of The SABI – where wellness seamlessly intertwines with the profound narratives of motherhood and entrepreneurship. In this exclusive interview, we unravel the authentic stories that birthed this empowering brand, exploring the real, unfiltered moments that breathed life into its journey. Join us for a candid chat that transcends skincare, delving deep into the heart of holistic women’s wellbeing and the essence of self-care throughout motherhood.

What’s the story behind your wellness brand and how did motherhood influence its creation? 

Co-Founder Anna

The SABI was created out of our own personal struggles with hormonal health. For me it was being thrown into the depths of postpartum depression, and for my business partner Hilary, struggling with complicated periods, conception and miscarriage. We have created the business we needed to support us during these times – an informed space to understand our symptoms and the all-natural products we needed to overcome them. 

Being a mum in business is a unique journey. Can you share some highs and lows, and how being a parent influences your approach to entrepreneurship?

I have so many to share! The hardest part of my day is leaving my boys in the morning. I always find that tough. But the highs are incredible. And my favourite moments are when clients reach out to share their personal stories about how The SABI has helped them – be it clearing up hormonal acne or supporting them during the intense hormonal dips that take place during the first year postpartum.

As for how being a mother has affected my approach to entrepreneurship – I think I am much more effective, take most decisions faster, implement faster, and embrace the chaos. Perfection doesn’t exist – even less so as a working mother of two boys. Good enough is absolutely perfect especially in business where fast and effective implementation is key. 

And finally – being away from my kids is a huge sacrifice. I therefore make sure I enjoy every moment of my working day, even the tough times and the challenges.

You’re all about holistic, all natural skincare and herbal remedies for hormonal balancing. Any particular products designed with mums in mind? How does your brand contribute to the self-care and wellness of mothers in a practical sense?

The launch collection was built for mothers. Our infusions are very powerful with the postpartum and breastfeeding herbatas targeting the early months (up to a year and throughout breastfeeding) and the sleep infusion focused on getting the best out of the limited sleep you get as a mother. 

Our skincare places essential nutrients back into the body through our largest endocrine organ – the skin. They are all-natural (beyond clean) and full of prebiotics, omega fatty acids and adaptogens reducing oxidative stress, endocrine disruption and improving skin health. As mothers we often have hardly a moment for ourselves. The SABI is about creating that moment in the day that is just for you, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Are there any specific values you emphasise as a brand for mothers emotional wellbeing too?

Mental health is at our core. We are driving open and honest conversations to reduce the loneliness and shame that often surround mental health challenges related to a hormonal imbalance. As founders, we’ve been through a lot and we found true wellness comes from within. It is about sharing and loving the lines, scars and cracks. 

During a crisis, one of the first things to fall away tends to be our self-care. At The SABI we place this at the forefront. That by looking after ourselves each day, we slowly rebuild – from the inside out.

With International Women’s Day taking place this week (8th March), how does your brand contribute to supporting and empowering women, especially mothers? Any special initiatives or values you’d like to highlight?

The SABI empowers women throughout the female hormonal journey. We focus on a woman’s wellbeing, enabling her to identify what her body needs during a particular moment, providing her with the information to either avert or overcome the challenges, and support her with the products to balance her body and mind. 

We are a brand created by women for women, and despite our significant business experience, we’ve seen first hand how difficult it is to get support and to be taken seriously as a brand that focuses on women, and on mothers. It’s been tough, but we are proud to say that we are now backed by some serious industry leaders who understand the value and huge importance of the mission and what we are seeking to achieve.

Can you share some insights into the ethical practices your brand follows and how they align with the values of conscious motherhood? How do these principles shape your brand’s identity?

As co-founders we are obsessive about our supply chain. I am a hobby coffee farmer and my business partner Hilary is a chef, meaning we have been fanatical about ingredient sourcing and placing sustainability at the centre of our packaging decisions. 80% of all our products are sourced from inside of Europe. Those that aren’t are our herbs that are sourced from a phenomenal social enterprise in India. All of our packaging is ‘environmentally forward’ in that almost everything is biodegradable, the materials are plastic free (with the exception of the skincare lids).

Looking ahead, what’s your vision for the future of your wellness brand, especially in terms of supporting and uplifting mothers? Any exciting plans or ways you aim to make a positive impact on mums and mums in business?

Where to start!? Firstly we are launching two new products next week focused on period support (and can we just take a moment to reference how different periods are postpartum!) and digestion/the gut microbiome. This is the first step in a wider build out to support women and mothers throughout the whole female hormonal journey. Then we have the community build out, focused on workshops and honest conversations around hormonal health and specifically for mothers. This will take place in Q4 this year…

The SABI’s deep-rooted commitment to women’s wellness highlights the challenges and triumphs of motherhood, including in the realm of entrepreneurship. We reckon holistic approaches to wellness don’t come better tailored to womenkind and motherhood then The SABI. With a clear mission to help women navigate the toughest moments of their hormonal journey from pre-conception to motherhood, menopause and everyday hormonal challenges by supporting daily rituals of self-care with beautiful, all natural products. 

Discover The SABI range at Veo and come back soon for their newest arrivals. Oh and Mother’s everywhere, we applaud you. You’re doing amazing!



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