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Carbon Neutral

We have made it our mission to be the leading carbon neutral online marketplace

This means all emissions from the manufacturing process are counterbalanced throughout the entire supply chain,
from field to door. Find out how we’re carbon neutral below.

Buy One, Get One Tree!

Carbon neutrality can be achieved in many ways, but the first on our list is directly counteracting any CO2 entering the environment from production methods. Our partnership with Ecologi, the environmental collective dedicated to planting trees and renewable energies, has enabled us to plant a tree for every purchase YOU make and we are already 100% carbon neutral! To date, we have planted over 400 trees, offsetting over 10 tonnes of CO2 and these figures are only increasing.

Fully Renewable Energy

We have made it our priority to utilise renewable energy, in order to be the leading eco-friendly online marketplace. Our website and technology infrastructure is entirely carbon neutral and our data centre consumes 50% less energy than a typical data centre, using only 100% renewable energy.

Our Carbon Positive Workforce

A carbon positive workforce is one which has their entire carbon footprint offset by the work the company does to achieve carbon neutrality. Ensuring our workforce is carbon positive is also at the forefront of our sustainability promises. Alongside our partnership with Ecologi who have already helped us achieve carbon neutrality, we also facilitate remote  working to eliminate any unnecessary travel. When the team do get together, we utilise a shared office space in order to reduce our impact on the environment, minimising electricity and water consumption.

Additionally, all our vendors execute fully traceable supply chains, meaning that they supply only for the sake of demand. We are dedicated to deliver only the finest quality stock to our customers, and in doing so, our supply simply meets the demand. No more and no less! Because at Veo, we handpick stock designed to serve you a lifetime, made from the highest quality materials or ingredients which look and feel better, for longer. This also means there is less excess and less waste, which is better for us and the environment!

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