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climate positivity


This means all emissions from the manufacturing process are counterbalanced throughout the entire supply chain. Find out how we’re climate positive* below.

(*removing more carbon than was created, sometimes called 'carbon negative' but we like to be positive!)

Buy One, Get One Tree!

Climate positivity or carbon negativity can be achieved in many ways, but the first on our list is directly counteracting any CO2 entering the environment from our operations. Our partnership with Ecologi, the environmental collective dedicated to planting trees and renewable energies, has enabled us to plant a tree for every purchase you make. You can see our tree planting record to date here* and offsetting tonnes of CO2, and these figures are only increasing (*started April 2021). 

However, planting trees is just the start, and researchers say that rather than be lulled into complacency by tree-planting schemes "we need to cut off emissions at their source and find additional strategies to remove the carbon already in the atmosphere.” So, inline with Sustainable Development Goal #12 we must also "ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns" and most efficient use of our natural resources, using innovative bio-materials, organic fabrics & ingredients, improved agriculture & farming, and less wasteful practices. 

This is where Veo comes in. Where we ensure all brands and products are meeting these new pioneering methods of sustainable production, whilst also creating the highest quality of goods, in a graceful balance of sustainability and sophistication. This means by shopping at Veo you can be part of something bigger, making the necessary changes towards creating a healthier world: a veo.world. 

Fully Renewable Energy

In order to be the leading environmental eco-friendly online marketplace we have made it our priority to use only renewable energy. Our website and technology infrastructure is 100% carbon neutral and our data centre consumes 50% less energy than a typical data centre, with carbon neutral server hosting and datacentres that matches 100% of electricity consumption with renewable energy!

100% Climate Positive Workforce

A climate positive workforce is one which has their entire carbon footprint more than offset by the operations of the business, at work and at home. Every one of our team members is climate positive. This means we offset their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more. Ensuring our workforce is climate positive is at the forefront of our sustainability promise. Alongside our partnership with Ecologi who have already helped us achieve carbon neutrality, we also facilitate some remote-working / work from home for our workforce to eliminate any unnecessary travel. When the team do get together, we utilise a shared co-working office space in order to reduce our impact on the environment, minimising waste, electricity and water consumption. 

Additionally, all our vendors execute fully traceable supply chains, meaning that each step of manufacturing & production is monitored and there are clear systems in place for 1st tier suppliers and steps taken (appropriate to the scale of the company) to ensure that these standards are met by second and third tier suppliers. We are dedicated to deliver only the finest quality products to our customers. Our Veo team curates our brands and handpicks beautiful products designed to last, made from the highest quality materials or ingredients which look and feel better, for longer. This also means there is less excess and less waste, which is better for us and the environment!

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