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Invest in rest: how to have a better sleep routine


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Our bodies are naturally programmed to rest yet for many of us, a good night’s sleep can seem like a mythical concept. From longer working hours to a worldwide pandemic, it’s no wonder our sleep cycles are struggling to keep up. According to Formulate Health, almost 1 in 5 people in the UK have trouble falling asleep every single night, the impacts of which are seen in both our mental and physical health. But why do we even need sleep? While we sleep, our bodies are hard at work repairing and restoring our cells and systems in order to recover and heal from any damage and stress endured throughout the day. Without adequate time to recover, sleep deprivation can lead to memory issues, mood swings, weight gain, and weakened immunity among other issues. So what can we do to cultivate better sleep? In today’s blog post, we’re sharing some easy ways to invest in rest and create better sleep routines.

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1. Prioritise your comfort

One thing that can majorly impact our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep is how comfortable we are. From room temperature to our choice of clothing and bedding; these factors can either aid or disrupt our sleep throughout the night. Our body temperature naturally drops at night in response to increased melatonin production as we prepare to sleep. This indicates that our bodies naturally sleep better in cooler temperatures. Breathable fabrics such as organic cotton make this cooling process easier making this a great fabric for pyjamas and bedding alike. Check out our top picks to help you sleep in ultimate comfort, below:

ME & MAEVE GRACE | Women’s Organic Spotted Leopard Pyjama Set – £42
Fall into comfort in our luxuriously soft GOTS organic cotton pyjamas. 

You’ll see our signature style in our feminine hand-painted print as we keep a level of luxury even while you’re at home.

Crafted for ultimate lounging and with all the little extras you need. Deep pockets on the trousers to hold all those bits and bobs and a functional tie on the top so you can style it how you like. There’s nothing we haven’t thought of so you can just sit back and enjoy bedtime with your family.

THEIR STORY | Duvet Cover Set Fair Trade Organic Boutique Grey Trim – £70 – £123
This is a high-end hotel quality duvet cover that is both fair trade, organic, ethically sourced and produced under fair working conditions.

Using a thick luxuriantly soft 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) sateen – 300 thread count, this bed linen is a statement piece of the finest quality. Produced in Jaipur, India in fair trade conditions, where all staff are permanent with pensions and many benefits, in excellent working conditions. Eco-friendly, AZO-free, pigment dyes are used, with minimal environmental impact.

Comes with Oxford pillowcases, with classic mitered corners, in a beautiful package. Perfect for you or as a very special gift.

2. Set the scene

Another way we can prompt our bodies to prepare for sleep is by creating an environment that targets the senses, encouraging better sleep habits. Bright lights can prevent the production of melatonin, disrupting our circadian rhythm and keeping us awake for longer. There are also particular scents that have a calming effect on the body, encouraging us to relax and making us sleepy. Essential oils such as lavender, valerian root, roman chamomile, and cedarwood have sedative effects and can help to reduce anxiety and stress, promoting more restful sleep. Set the scene with some of our top picks below:

Billy Sleeps | Lilac Linen Eye Mask – £30
Relax and unwind in these beautiful handmade sleeping masks. Made from our off cuts of fabrics, padded with a soft cotton interfacing and lined with luxurious bamboo silk.

Ubiety | Cedar, Sage & Ylang Ylang Calming Natural Candle – £25
Our signature Ubiety candle fragrance has been carefully blended to transport you to serene woodlands. A soothing blend of essential oils including earthy cedarwood, fresh and floral ylang ylang, spearmint and sage, chosen to promote calm and relaxation.

3. Get to know your sleep supplements

One way we can promote better sleep from the inside is to prep our bodies for optimal function with natural supplements. Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb an adaptogen that is reported to have a number of positive health benefits including improved sleep. Studies have shown that it can help to reduce stress levels and may actually induce sleep due to a compound it contains called triethylene glycol. Magnesium aids in sleep by activating the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for helping the body relax. It also helps to regulate the levels of melatonin – the sleep hormone – within the body. CBD is another supplement that is said to effectively reduce anxiety as well as decreasing cortisol levels in the body which arise as a result of stress. These supplements have calming sedative effects which can be highly beneficial in getting better quality sleep. Upgrade your sleep quality with our top pick below:

Grass & Co | CALM 1000mg CBD Hemp Oil – £72.50
These higher strength CALM 1000mg CBD Hemp Oil drops have been specially formulated with a calming blend of CBD, Mint, Chamomile and Ashwagandha to help you destress. Each bottle delivers twice the amount of CBD in the same conveniently sized 10ml bottle.
CALM CBD Oil blends CBD with Vitamin B6 and B12. These vitamins support your psychological function; helping you calm your mind.*

So those are just a few easy ways to invest in rest and improve your night routine for better quality sleep. Check out our Sleep Edit for the full range of products designed to promote restful sleep and relaxation.



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