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Is there something you like to write or talk about? Do you fancy becoming a contributor for our blog or Veo TV video channel?

We’re expanding our peer-to-peer community Blog, and we’d like writers to contribute an article on a topic of your choice. Whether you’re a hobby Blogger, a copywriter freelancer, a full time writer, or just fancy writing a short piece to inspire others on something you’re passionate about.

You could write 1 x blog article or 100, or film something telling our audience about, something you enjoy or think people should know about.

You might not have a title or topic yet, but we can help you out and give some ideas based on things you’re interested in.

In exchange for your wonderful words (or videos) we request professional writers and freelancers to please send us your rates and payment terms, either per article/guest post, or for a regular spot (e.g. write a monthly article) and we’re happy to discuss.

Send request to [email protected]



Promoting dignity and quality of life for all humans and animals. This includes fair pay and safe & decent working conditions for all workers, plus 100% vegan-friendly with no animals or by-products, across the supply chain.


Promoting health & happiness for mind, body, and soul, to nourish inside and out, and living free from toxins, harmful ingredients, and hazardous substances, for a clean, vibrant, healthy lifestyle.


Promoting planet awareness, sustainability and biodiversity. Creating regenerative models of design & manufacture, looking to Circular Economy sustainable development.

What can I write about?

Write about your interests, your experiences or raise awareness for the issues you care about; the choice is yours. Anything that falls in line with our three pillars of Kind - Healthy - Sustainable will be considered.


You could write about your favourite meal tips, tempt us with a recipe, your best plantbased hacks, an essential food guide, fitness, supplements and nutrition, or simply bake something delicious and tell is how to make it ourselves.


Tips of dressing effortlessly ethical®, outfit guides, sustainable clothes shopping, slow fashion vs. fast fashion, getting the most of your wardrobe, frock swaps, and why ethical is the new black.


Top tips for healthy eating, low impact living, zero waste lifestyle, mindfulness, mental health, travel tips, beauty and makeup guides, yoga, fitness, books film or documentary reviews, sharing your voice on a topic you're passionate about.


Share your brand story, showcase your earth friendly products, or share an inspiring entrepreneurs tale. Or get in touch if you're an authority on a subject, certified nutritionist, scientist, professor, lecturer, author, doctor, teacher, journalist, or freelance human!


A content outline (brief) along with any payment or reward (remuneration) will be mutually agreed with each contributor prior to creation of the content. If for any reason the content received cannot be published – including for quality control reasons, or if it does not align with our editorial guidelines or ethos of our company – then we would not be obliged to publish nor make reward or payment. However, this is just a precaution, and please be assured that quality are published!

Please note that submission of the above Form is an expression of interest to work with us as a Contributor, and provides no guarantee. Submission of the above form is not intended to, and does not form any contract.


Sustainable Fashion Picks

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Fashion is much more than just a style - it's a powerful form of self-expression, a statement of who we are and what we value. There is a story behind every shirt, dress, bag, piece of jewellery or accessory that we wear. Discover your statement style.


Eco-Friendly Homeware

We connect with our environment, so it's important to craft a beautiful, energetic space in which to dwell. Fill your happy space with beautiful, unique, high-quality homewares, caringly curated to help you build the perfect home with only the good stuff.


Sustainable Beauty

Discover exquisite botanical beauty, natural & organic skincare, toxin-free makeup and hair care. Self care and self love, radiate and glow with all ethical, cruelty free & vegan ranges, good for people and good for bunnies!


Healthy Sustainable Food & Drink

Delicious food, drink, snacks and nutrition that tastes so good it should be bad! Natural, organic, plant-based, refined sugar free, and free-from ranges. Nourish the soul with high vibes, because happiness comes from the inside out!

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