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veo supports veganuary


Veo is official supporters of Veganuary, a registered charity inspiring people to try vegan for the month of January, and throughout the rest of the year.

”It’s not just for January!”

As the sustainable marketplace for eco-friendly and cruelty-free products Veo is also a 100% vegan marketplace, from the Fashion, to the Beauty, to the Food & Drink, and everything else.

We believe there’s a reason for everyone to give vegan a try, because making kind, healthy, green choices feels so good!



Veganuary shows that animals feel and experience pain and happiness just as humans do, and helps to show how there’s so many ways we can make kind choices without missing out on our favourite foods and products.

You can shop kindly on Veo knowing that no animals were used or suffered for the production of products.


Health is the second biggest reason people go vegan, for those wanting to cut out cholesterol, lower their blood pressure, and reduce the risk of disease.

According to Harvard scientists: “Eating a vegan diet can cut your risk of developing diabetes by almost a quarter.”

A study from The Journal Of Nutrition shows that ditching animal products and following a vegan diet may help reduce disease and therefore improve mortality.

A major study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal demonstrated how vegans often live longer than meat-eaters, by up to 9 years.

Head to our Food & Drink section to have a browse of the delicious and healthy foods, snacks, nutrition, and drinks available. You’ll find all the protein, vitamins, and everything in between on our Earth friendly marketplace.


Going vegan is the easiest and most effective way to help our planet.

You can make a more positive impact than giving up your car, and even halve your greenhouse gas emissions.

Just look at the positive impact of 1 month eating a plantbased vegan diet. After one month an individual will help avoid:

  • the death of 33 animals
  • the use of 33,000 gallons of water for animal food production
  • the destruction of 900 square feet of forest
  • the creation of an extra 600 pounds of CO2 gas, and
  • the feeding of 1,200 pounds of grain to animals that could have fed starving communities worldwide.

From these numbers it’s easy to see that even one person adopting a vegan diet for just one day has a significant impact.

At Veo, Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, as we strive towards creating a better future, and a kind, healthy, green world.

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