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Sustainable Living

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Sustainable Living


Zero plastic. Zero Nasties. Zero Hassle. High quality toothpaste in a plastic free tube.
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Veld is the lovechild of effortless Dutch elegance and coastal California casual. Made for those who aspire to live mindfully and sustainably. We’re a quality travel and essentials brand made for those with as much a curiosity for new places as they have conscious appreciation for the place they call home.

Vivo Life

At Vivo Life, we choose to do nutrition, wellbeing and life differently. We look at things from new perspectives, push boundaries and challenge the status quo with these goals in mind: 1. To seek out the highest quality, most sustainable, nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients. 2. To constantly explore and discover better ways for our community to achieve their highest physical and mental wellbeing. 3. To give back to people and planet in everything we do. With all Vivo Life products you can guarantee; Nutrient-dense formulas // Vegan Certified // No artificial colours, flavours or fillers // Rigorously third party lab tested //Carbon Neutral® Company

Amoka Dalo

Amoka Dalo is an independent British luxury pyjama brand founded by Amoka, an Argentinian-British designer with the mission to celebrate individuality and create exclusive collections combining comfort and style to be worn indoors and outdoors. Wanting to contribute to improving the fashion industry's sustainability, the brand is deliberately slow fashion, selecting the most eco-friendly materials that can be found and producing small quantities of hand-drawn exclusive prints. All our packaging is reusable, compostable, and recycled.


Zerolla produces everyday oral care, for zero-waste living. Our name reflects our values: zero-synthetics & zero-waste packaging. We trust in Mother Nature, so we only use powerful, effective ingredients made by her. We’re not a typical company: our success is not measured in profit, but in health: yours, and the health of our planet. That’s why we use eco-friendly materials, like bio-nylon from castor oil for our floss and toothbrush bristles. Our plastic-free packaging is always recyclable or compostable. Zerolla: great oral care, zero chemicals.

RAIN Wellbeing

RAIN is a support system of well-being essentials, powered by natural ingredients, to ease the stress and tension of high-performance lives. We exist to enable people to show up as their optimal selves by creating the products, experiences, and conditions to do so.

Stidston Studio

Conscious, vibrant clothing. Designed and made in the UK, Stidston Studio produces small sustainable runs of collections. Stidston Studio started life as a bespoke swimwear brand from Peckham, London. They are on a journey towards sustainability and are conscious of their environmental impact. Stidston Studio swimwear pieces are made from recycled ocean waste, and the ready-to-wear collection is made from TENCEL™ fabric, made from sustainable wood pulp, and a fluid viscose and linen-blend twill.

Spicy Raju

Raju isn’t just sauce. It’s a movement. It’s a challenge to the perceptions people develop based on other people's looks, cultures, and tastes. It’s the freedom to dip or to create new foods using sauces that really are different and new compared to the tired old brands already out there. Unleash your inner Raju and see what you create.


Vove wants to make a sustainable lifestyle convenient and accessible for everyone! And it all starts with their values: Responsible Sourcing, Minimalist Design, Circular Thinking, Transparency, and a bit of fun! Their goal is to make the best products possible while leaving the planet better than we found it.

Normal Mencare

Normal Mencare is the Barcelona-based natural skincare brand formulated for men. Their clean and vegan formulas with +99% natural ingredients are designed to improve and address the natural characteristics of male skin such as ticker skin, higher sebum levels, larger pores, and deeper wrinkles. The brand offers two essential products for a simple and effective 3-minute routine for deep cleansing, inflammation reduction, collagen stimulation, and hydration that enhances skin elasticity and appearance, combating early signs of aging.
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