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There’s No Planet B. But There is Veo.

Hello there, welcome to Veo. A place where people and planet come first and sustainability isn’t the exception, but the norm. Where you can shop your values with ease and discover conscious brands without compromising on choice or style. You may think that such a place is too good to be true, or even be thinking to yourself ‘what’s the catch’? But we assure you, Veo is no illusion. We’re as real as they come and we’re so excited to have you here. Please, allow us to show you around…

Circular Ring Road

The first leg of our journey is on Circular Ring Road. The Circular Ring Road is the pathway that connects everything we do here. It’s the underlying principle and means to our purpose-driven mission to transform how we live, produce and consume. To disrupt antiquated economics, and introduce new and positive systems – regenerative, closed loop, circular – that reinvent the relationship between business and consumer.

The circular economy looks beyond the current take-make-dispose system and represents a systemic shift that aims to redefine growth, focus on positive society-wide benefits, build long-term resilience, business and economic opportunities, and provide environmental and societal benefits (The Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

It’s important to note that a true circular economy is not yet fully realised. Fully circular systems require further investment, infrastructure, scaling and both business and consumer participation. However, there are many brands implementing the key principles and foundations to which a thriving future circular economy can be built upon. At Veo, we are proud to be a place that enables circularity-motivated ideas to become accessible and tangible.

Zero Waste Avenue

Zero Waste Avenue is particularly pristine, because here, we do exactly what it says on the tin (and then we recycle the tin afterwards). Zero waste means to design products and processes that eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials across industries, supply chains and processes – like sourcing and manufacturing.

It also involves doing our best to avoid single use items, recycling and keeping materials out of landfill, where possible. Such lifestyle habits have become increasingly popularised by the zero waste lifestyle and minimalism movements of recent years. However, these habits are arguably no longer optional but essential. We must all actively make a conscious effort to channel zero waste practices in our life.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry. Zero Waste Chef Anne-Marie Bonneau sums it up best, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. Being a little zero waste is better than not being zero waste at all. Now just imagine what would happen if millions (if not billions) of us acted with this mindset.

Discover some of our most popular zero waste solutions at Veo:

Organic Park

Our next stop is Organic Park, a fantastic spot to slow down and reconnect with nature. But what does ‘organic’ actually mean? When you see food, cosmetics, cleaning products, or any products for that matter, labeled as organic, it’s referring not only to the product itself but how the produce or ingredients were grown and processed. This means without the use of things like synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, genetically modified organisms and bioengineering (The Spruce Eats).

Yes, the term has become a bit of a greenwashing buzzword and is often deceptively used by large brands, but we want to reassure you that when we say organic, we really mean it.

To ensure our brands and products meet our sustainability goals we created a comprehensive, award-winning ethical criteria that we apply to ourselves, our brands, and every single product that you see on our platform. We undertake a thorough assessment of each brand, to demonstrate high quality, sustainable trading, responsible labour standards, and ethical supply chains.

Discover organic solutions at Veo:

Independent Street

Independent Street is the vibrant, beating heart of our community. It’s a place to come and celebrate creativity, innovation, unique styles and future-proof design. Independent brands are typically more conscious of their ethics. They have a relationship with their customers, and they both recognise this as added value (Medium.com). They seek to challenge and innovate the status quo and provide tangible solutions in both local communities and to the lives of their customers.

We too recognise this and value high quality, innovative and plant-based brands. We work with designers and artisans from around the world whose brand reflects these values. We’re proud to be working with 300+ independent brands across Fashion, Beauty, Food, Health and Home.

Discover the best, most unique, independent brands at Veo:

Fairlymade Fieldway

Now for the final leg of this tour, we’re stopping in Fairlymade Fieldway. This is one of the most significant parts of Veo as there is no true sustainability without ethical and human rights. The United Nations state that “human rights create conditions essential for sustainable development. The 2030 Agenda recognises that inclusive and participative economies, and societies in which government is accountable, achieve better outcomes for all people, leaving no one behind”. Our curated collection of brands promote dignity and quality of life for all humans. This includes fair pay and safe and decent working conditions for all workers.

For us, this also encompasses the fair treatment of animals. We care about all living things, so much so that Veo is a 100% vegan-friendly marketplace. This means avoiding the use exploitation and oppression of animals and creating a cruelty-free zone that promotes the rights and wellbeing of all living creatures. Friendly reminder, you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy vegan products.

Discover fairly-made pieces at Veo:

Happy Exploring Earthlings!

Although we have come to the end of this tour, there is still plenty of other values and things to explore at Veo. Whether you wish to explore independent brands and innovative products that align with your values, or you’re looking to broaden your horizons and expand your sustainability journey to new areas, Veo is the place to do just that.

…We hope you’ll enjoy your visit and we look forward to hearing about what you discover. Happy exploring fellow Earthlings!

Explore our world and discover brands that align with your values at Veo.



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