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The ultimate guide to sustainable coffee

Coffee-Making Essentials for a Mindful Morning Brew

“But first, coffee” isn’t simply a mantra; for many of us, it’s a way of life. From the essential morning coffee run to that 3pm pick-me-up, our appetite for coffee knows no bounds. But with such high demand for this global commodity comes a far less appetising back story of forced labour, farmer exploitation, and environmental impacts that are hard to ignore. The conventional coffee industry, which owes much of its global expansion and success to colonialist roots and the slave trade, is known for unfair wages, poor conditions, deforestation, and single-use plastic waste. While this might leave a poor taste in your mouth, this doesn’t mean giving up blissful brews for good. If you want to make your coffee habit more ethical and environmentally friendly, we’re sharing our top tips with the ultimate guide to sustainable coffee.

Ethical, Fair Trade & Organic Coffee

Choose organic, high-quality, ethically sourced coffee beans and support local farmers and communities around the world.

Veo Staff Pick: LONDON GRADE COFFEE Espresso | Dark Roast Organic Coffee from South India

Stainless Steel Coffeeware, Coffee Filters & Accessories

Fancy yourself a barista? Brew manually at home with a range of high-quality coffee brewing equipment that consumes less energy and offers a better tasting sip.

Veo Staff Pick: LONDON GRADE COFFEE Aerolatte Glass Cafetière | 800ml Capacity

Coffee With A Twist: Mushroom Coffee & Kombucha Cold Brews

Coffee but not as you know it. Enjoy unique and delicious blends from superfood mushroom coffees to kombucha cold brews that offer added health benefits to leave you feeling refreshed.

Veo Staff Pick: MUSHROOM CUPS Go Sharp | Organic Instant coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chanterelle | 10 servings

Vegan Hot Chocolate & Coffee-Free Alternatives

Coffee not your cup? Cosy up with a range of coffee-free alternatives including vegan hot chocolate and rare tea blends for smooth sips that soothe the soul.

Veo Staff Pick: LONDON GRADE COFFEE Mörk Vegan Organic Hot Chocolate | 250g | 1kg

Vegan Chocolate Bars & Bites

Need something extra to go with your coffee? Enjoy a mindful bite with dairy-free, artisan chocolate bars and nibbles to satisfy your cravings.

Veo Staff Pick: FREEDOM CHOCOLATE Dark Coffee | Organic Vegan Chocolate | 30g

Huskee Cups, Handmade Mugs & Thermal Flasks

Ditch the single-use coffee cups and opt for reusable travel flasks, handmade mugs, and recyclable coffee cups for a zero-waste brew.

Veo Staff Pick: LONDON GRADE COFFEE Huskee Cup 6oz | Pack of 4 | 170ml

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