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Mörk Vegan Organic Hot Chocolate | 250g | 1kg

Designed in Melbourne and manufactured in Derby, Mörk uses cacao powder, 100% cacao liquor and blocks of organic unrefined coconut blossom sugar to make the perfect hot chocolate. Notes of almonds, ripe berries and toffee.  Drink it,  ...
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London Grade Coffee pride themselves on their highest quality, organic coffee. 

Three generations of the Mariwala family have grown coffee, on hillsides in the lee of the Western Ghats, where the cool temperatures and light monsoon help give the coffee sweetness and depth of flavour.The coffee cherries grow alongside cardamom, chilli and lemon trees, and those notes appear in our coffee.

The coffee is roasted with great skill at the Tate Roastery on Millbank in small batches, then despatched to our customers. The coffee is packed in recyclable Kraft paper bags, and the sugar cane paper labels are compostable. All of the packaging that we use to deliver the coffee to our customers is made from recycled paper making London Grade Coffee plastic free.