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A Sustainable Jubilee Celebration

The nation is making preparations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and we have the sustainable fashions, homeware and vegan-friendly treats for you to get involved in the celebrations too. Tea, bucket hats, vegan cheese, picnic blankets and nibbles is about as British as it gets (apart from an overcast day)!

Since the Queen came to the throne 70 years ago, the world has changed significantly, thanks largely to advances in science and technology. Our world is more interconnected than ever before and businesses and industries operate on a global scale via complex webs of trade and transport. Whilst much of our modern lives and comforts derive from these innovations, we have also seen a parallel shift in nature and our planets ecosystems.

The amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere has increased more than 20% in less than 40 years, owing largely to human activities. It’s a staggering, and somewhat abstract statistic, that is having incredibly real consequences through the ongoing climate crisis. Much as the way we revolutionised manufacturing, production and industry, we must now innovate once again and also seek to revolutionise the way we consume and dispose of products too. Such a monumental change won’t happen over night. But that doesn’t mean our actions today aren’t having an impact. Quite the opposite actually. The choices we make today as businesses and consumers will directly and consequentially impact the future. So really, it’s up to us to decide what the next 70 years (and beyond) can look like.

With that in mind, the Platinum Jubilee weekend is approaching and what would life be without being able to spend time relaxing and partying with our loved ones. You can still celebrate the Jubilee in style, thanks to our handpicked Jubilee Weekend Collection of sustainable goodies.

Sustainable Fashion

Channelling some Jubilee energy doesn’t have to be completely as on-the-nose as a Union Jack graphic tee. For more subtle nods to the occasion, try incorporating red, white or blue pieces into your outfit. Opt for a block colour co-ord set for a bolder impact. The beautiful thing about all the above pieces, is that despite being fitting for the Jubilee, they’re also timeless staples that can work with your wardrobe beyond this occasion.

Sustainable Accessories

Accessories are the perfect way to customise an outfit and make it truly your own. Have a play around with ethical jewellery, sustainable tech accessories or hats and hair pieces to compose an outfit and Jubilee-inspired look that is truly your own.

Vegan-Friendly Treats

According to Plant Based News, approximately 1.1 million people in Britain followed a plant-based diet at the beginning of 2020. Now, it said, that figure is closer to 1.5 million people, which is equivalent to three percent of the population. In an article by the Guardian, titled ‘No Meat please, we’re British’, it is estimated that in 2021 more than a third of people in the UK were interested in becoming vegan.

Incorporating vegan-friendly and plant-based alternative’s into our diets doesn’t have to be a strict regime or flavourless. The vegan food market is pioneering new tasty creations every single day. In fact, there’s never been a better time to try vegan! Here’s a handful of Jubilee appropriate goodies to get you started.

Sustainable Homeware

A humble cup (or pot) of tea and the joys of a picnic in the park are arguably synonymous with British culture. They say that you can’t re-invent the wheel, and when it comes to these British staples, we agree. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t upgrade the wheel to be more efficient. For example, the above featured multi-purpose towels are made from 100% Organic cotton with natural tassel’s and can also be used as picnic blanket or table clothes (for those refined tea party lovers amongst us).

A Historic Occasion

Regardless of personal views of the Royal Family, it must be noted that a 70 year reign is certainly a historical occasion. One of which we will not see again in our lifetimes. Whether you’re celebrating history, the Queen or just looking forward to the extra holiday, you can celebrate consciously with a little help from Veo. And as we do, we can’t help but wonder just what the next 70 might years look like…

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