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CBD (Cannabidiol): A Natural Alternative Worthy Of The Hype?

Now if you have any semblance of an internet connection (which with you here, you seemingly do) it is likely you will have seen or heard something by now about CBD.

The problem if you are anything like me and many others who occasionally partake in a tipple of social media browsing, you will have seen a lot of misinformation to do with CBD as well. So, to help you navigate these waters safely I’d like you to (hopefully) think of this article as your CBD lighthouse, something you can base your own decisions on, a safe way through the mists!

What is CBD?

I have personally been using CBD for around 2 years now quite frequently, and so I apologise in advance if you can tell that I have a mildly positive bias, but I can assure you that bias is steeped in personal experience.

As a long-term smoker, and someone who has suffered anxiety in the past, I heard about CBD through a friend and began to do my own research and quickly realised it could be a good way to kill two birds with one stone, I had recently started to vape to help get away from smoking and was able to find a CBD liquid with the lowest strength to try out.

The transition was as smooth as the smoke.

Original art by Molly James

And well, I semi- ruined the ending by telling you I have been using it for 2 years at the beginning but realistically the best proof is that CBD has become part of my daily routine, without disrupting it…Also I no longer smoke cigarettes which is another plus. It has also helped with my anxiety, but more on that in a bit.

The first thing to establish is this: It is NOT going to get you “high” in any way shape or form (this feeling comes from THC). CBD is one of 104 compounds derived from the Cannabis plant and CBD comes from its full scientific name, Cannabidiol, but CBD just has such a nice ring to it. The plant that they both come from looks essentially identical though.

Is CBD legal?

Regarding legality?

A strangely hot topic here in the UK since CBD is perfectly legal. No need to worry about a knock at the door as you get ready for work and someone testing your face cream mid-appliqué! In the UK CBD products must have less than 0.2% THC (the part which acts as an intoxicant) in them, which is a good reason to always buy your products from a reputable source.

Is CBD safe?

Who better to answer this, me or the World Health Organisation?

“CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”(WHO)

There is still a responsibility on you to think about what else is in anything you buy though! And again, another reason to use a reputable source if you do choose to dive in yourself.

But all this is before we even get into WHAT IT DOES DO.

The magic in CBD is in the myriad of its potential applications and below we will run through some of the things CBD can help (possibly you) with! (backed with some scientific evidence as otherwise, it’s pretty much just me telling you my personal story on the subject).

Original art by Molly James


As mentioned earlier from my own experience, CBD has been observed to help with people other than myself looking to give up smoking. University Colleges London’s study found that “those treated with CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by ~40% during treatment.” The study also noted that some subjects had continued use of CBD for this effect on follow ups.


Again as mentioned above, the other main reason I had considered CBD was its apparent help with anxiety, and help it did. Am I cured? No, but having something that is accessible and that I can have on me 24/7 is a help in itself. The best way I can explain the feeling is that it puts me back in a state of balance, and cheesy as it sounds that’s the perfect word as you don’t feel up or down from it, it can just help you to centre. Which at times is all you need. Studies into Anxiety and CBD have had positive results with a study from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado, Denver showing a decrease in 57 out of 72 subjects (79.2%)


The same study that looked into anxiety above also considered the effects of CBD on someone’s quality of sleep, and found that 66.7% of subjects reported better sleep after taking CBD for the first month.


CBD has been studied and observed to improve many different types of pain, ranging from mild aches and pains, to pain from cancer and more chronic pains. Also, it gives people a natural alternative to currently available pharmaceutical pain relief many of which can be addictive or have other side effects.


Whether it be acne or eczema, CBD has been observed to help with both. A study in 2014 in the Journal of Clinical investigation found that CBD can help with acne and can also help with acne brought on through hormones. With regards to eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions, a 2017 study concluded that CBD may be an effective treatment, also as a bonus, it means less unnatural chemicals for your skin!

Original art by Molly James

As research continues, and as people try out for themselves, we seem to be finding out more every day, the uses for CBD has grown parallel with its growing market, meaning that it has never been easier to try in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

With a lot of other health aiding supplements, they need to be worked into your routine but the beauty of CBD is that it is so versatile it can be built into an already existing busy work day.

Replace your morning drink with a CBD infused tea for example, if you don’t like tea (yes, there are a couple of us out there) then you can just use the droplets and still get the same effect. For the recreational users aiming for a bit more up to balance their downtime then CBD infused chocolates might be the best route for you. If you already use a skin product and feel like adding CBD would be a good thing for you then this literally just replaces it.

The idea is simply to assimilate it into what you already do. It should come naturally as it is after all, natural!

So not everyone will convert like myself, and I’m not trying to convert anyone it’s more a case of letting people know that there is an option there for them, and hopefully this helps someone find something that helps takes the edge off, whatever their reason.



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