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4 Healthy Habits To Add To Your Daily Routine

Today is #WorldHealthDay and there has never been a more fitting time to reflect on the impact this topic has had on all our lives this past year. In the face of a global health crisis, we’ve all had the chance to take account of our health in a way that many of us never have before. Maybe this time in lockdown has helped you discover your love for morning yoga or perhaps you’ve found your passion for plant-based cooking. If quarantine hasn’t quite been the health reset you hoped for, here are some easy healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily routine right now! 

1. Get your body moving

4 healthy habits to add to your daily routine | woman doing yoga
Credit: Carl Barcelo

Whether you’re hunched over a laptop for 8 hours a day or curled up on the sofa with Netflix on, we spend most of our lives sat down in front of a screen. Lockdown has taken this to a whole new level. Many of us have ditched the daily commute, to work from home where travelling from the desk to the sofa doesn’t take more than a few seconds. For a lot of us, this means our daily exercise has either reduced or stopped completely. If you find yourself with stiff joints, feeling sluggish and low or unable to sleep, you’re likely feeling the effects of not moving enough. With benefits such as improved mental and physical wellbeing, increased energy and better sleep, daily movement is one thing we can’t afford to skip. With gyms set to re-open on April 12th, now is the perfect time to get your body moving again. If your activewear is in need of an update, Iron Roots has amazing, high-performance pieces made from natural materials including hemp, eucalyptus, and beechwood.

2. Connect with nature

4 healthy habits to add to your daily routine | a man gardening
Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all spent enough time indoors for a lifetime. If lockdown is slowly driving you insane, spending some time outside is the ultimate cure. Whether it’s going on a country walk or just walking around barefoot in your garden, connecting with nature will leave you feeling immensely more grounded. Even something as small as getting some house plants can make all the difference to reducing stress and anxiety in your daily life. If you’re interested in trying your hand at growing something for yourself, get started with our SOP Sunflower & Wildflower Seeds.

3. Develop a sleep routine

4 healthy habits to add to your daily routine | better sleep routine | a messy bed
Credit: Dollar Gill

Feel like your sleep routine has been completely messed up since lockdown started? You’re not alone! ‘Coronasomnia’ is a term created to describe the growing number of people experiencing poor sleep as a result of the pandemic, with uncertainty and disrupted routines as major contributing factors (BBC, 2021). As well as growing anxiety over the state of the world, many of us are using up far less energy during the day, leaving us wide awake at night. Creating a proper sleep routine can help you to use up excess energy during the day and wind down properly in the evenings. Looking for that extra boost to get you started? Our Grass & Co. Silent Night Set is the gift that keeps on giving. With both consumable & topical CBD, a pillow spray and sleep mask, your sleep will get the high-quality upgrade you need.

4. Eat more fermented foods

4 healthy habits to add to your daily routine | fermented foods | tempeh skewers
Credit: Ella Olsson

Gut-health feels like a bit of a buzzword right now but with good reason. With the gut being connected to a number of mental and physical ailments from increased anxiety to bloating, it’s no surprise that people are seeking ways to soothe their digestive system. That’s where fermented foods come in. Many modern diets tend to feed the bad bacteria that leads to increased discomfort and ‘brain fog’ while doing very little to promote good bacteria within our bodies. Eating probiotic-rich fermented foods can help bring that much needed balance to your digestive system, improving your mood and other bodily functions in the process. From kombucha and kimchi to tempeh and sauerkraut, our collection of fermented food & drinks will give you the kickstart you need for a more gut-friendly diet.

It doesn’t take a total life overhaul to lead a healthier life; just a few changes to your daily routine can make all the difference. If you liked this post, you’ll love our post on How Food Can Improve Your Mood.

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