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Customs, Duties, and Taxes

When ordering items shipped within your country, you won't incur additional taxes, duties, or fees upon receipt.

For items from another country, your order may be subject to VAT and/or import duties, determined by international trade agreements beyond our control.

Here's what you need to know:

Customers in the UK:

  • products shipped from the UK include VAT; no extra taxes or import duties apply.
  • Items shipped from outside the UK with a price (excluding VAT) under £135 have no extra charges.
  • Items over £135 may incur import duties based on the item's origin. This also depends on where the item is made, not just where it ships from – for example, items made in the EU will have no additional charges into the UK

Customers in the USA & Canada

  • In the USA, orders under $800 are duty-free.
  • In Canada, orders over $20 may be subject to import duties.

Customers within the EU (non-UK):

  • EU-shipped products include VAT; no extra taxes or import duties apply.
  • Items from outside the EU under €150 Euros (excluding VAT) have no extra charges.
  • Items over €150 Euros may incur import duties based on the item's origin.

Customers in the Rest of the World:

  • Most regions outside the UK & EU typically have no VAT or import duties, except for high-value orders.
  • Please check with your local customs office for country-specific information.

Payment of VAT & Import Duties:

  • The buyer (shopper) is responsible for paying duties in your region, charged at delivery.
  • Pay online (via tracking number) or directly to the courier upon delivery.

Unfortunately, if any charges are unpaid on delivery this may lead to the parcel being returned to the sender. In this circumstance we would not be able to provide a refund for the initial shipping costs. However, rest assured that we can refund the cost of your item once it is confirmed as received back by the brand.

We are here to help. If you need any assistance relating to customs and duties please get in touch at our Contact page.

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