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Ever wondered about the environmental and social impact of your favourite fashion brands? CircKit is here to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability! Built by the same team as Veo, we built the circular toolKit: an AI platform that empowers fashion & apparel brands to make more eco-friendly choices.

Why did we create CircKit?

Because the fashion industry, while constantly innovating in styles, often struggles with environmental and social impact. We believe clothes shouldn't cost the Earth! CircKit helps brands choose sustainable materials, design for longer product lifespans, and understand their environmental & social footprint.

Here's where you come in!

By supporting CircKit, you're sending a powerful message to brands. You're letting them know that sustainability matters to you, and that you want them to embrace technologies that create a more circular fashion system. This means clothes designed to last, made with minimal environmental impact, and with options for repair and reuse.

The future of fashion is circular, and CircKit is paving the way. Join us in accelerating the positive change – choose brands that are embracing circular models and making a difference!

Want to see what CircKit can do?

  1. Head over to our CircKit Impact calculator
  2. Enter the links of product pages from your favourite fashion brands online stores
  3. See an instant impact report of how their clothes are made and the impacts they have!

You can also compare brands and products - and share with friends and colleagues. Spread the news!

CircKit, the circular toolkit

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