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A guide to sustainable jewellery and the brands doing it better

Many of us enjoy wearing beautiful jewellery, whether we've been gifted a piece to mark a special occasion, received it as a family heirloom,...

World Earth Day: Melt hearts, not ice caps!

Happy World Earth Day! This annual event was first celebrated in 1970, when a United States senator organised a national demonstration to raise awareness...

Cancel culture and sustainability: too far or not far enough?

Does 'canceling' a brand have any real impact beyond social media hashtags and a few weeks of bad press or is there another way to hold brands accountable while still encouraging them to make positive, sustainable change? This post explores the pros and cons of cancel culture in the sustainability space.

The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Leather

From animal hides to grape skins, we're exploring leather and its cruelty-free alternatives with the ultimate guide to vegan leather.

Diet culture: the problem with calorie counting

Diet culture is a pervasive part of modern society but it goes far beyond calorie counting. It's all about our relationship with food and body image. So how can we achieve balance? Keep reading to find out!

Do consumers really care about sustainability?

As part of our mission to make 'earth friendly' mainstream, we set out on a research project to find out about what general consumers think about sustainability. Here's what we found!

The Breakdown: What is the difference between biodegradable, compostable & recyclable materials?

Biodegradable, compostable versus recyclable. What actually is the difference?

Fashion Week: Can it ever be sustainable?

Fashion week is inherently unsustainable. What can be done to ensure its survival?

The Rise of ‘Conscious Consumerism’

What is conscious consumerism and how can you be a part of the movement?

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