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Changing The World: How Passion Is Saving The Planet

Changing the world isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not a one-man job. To create a real impact, every human being on this planet needs to play a role, even if it’s from the sideline.

We can’t support every cause, but we can use our passions to form a more sustainable future and fight for what we believe in.

There are thousands of different campaigns for change around the world, following different paths that lead to the same place – a better world to live in.

cartoon image of hundreds of smiling faces and the quote, reading 'we don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly'.

So, what are these people doing? And how can you find the right path to follow?

Whether you feel strongly about animal rights, knife crime, or even animal cruelty, your beliefs can be used to make a change, if you make the time.

No cause is more worthy than another, and it’s a blessing how people activate their passions, no matter how different they may be.

Taking a deep dive into just a few of the causes people across the world are campaigning for, we hope to inspire you to find a cause you can support, or just say thank you to those who are fighting for change.

Animal rights

Possibly one of the most talked about movements in the world, the activists fighting for animal rights aren’t afraid to show their passion.

vegan rally with the camera focusing

PETA may be one of the biggest organisations, however there are hundreds of groups and thousands of campaigns in the UK alone.

With so many strong beliefs, it’s impossible for one organization to stand for them all.

The Vegan Society is one of the fastest growing groups in the world, founded in 1944 by one man, Donald Watson, and now has over 200,000 members, who contribute to the same cause.

Some members simply donate £2 a month, whilst others volunteer at endless events, but regardless of how they participate, the takeaway here, is that they are making a positive impact on a cause they believe in.

Some people will never feel the desire to give up meat or dairy, and that’s okay, too. But to those who criticize the beliefs of those who support the cause, take a moment to think about how this belief could have a positive impact. Take the time to understand why their passion is so strong, and whilst you may not join them, it’s doubtful you’ll judge them. And, maybe, just maybe, you’ll thank them.

Plastic-free petitioners

With over 8,000,000 pieces of plastic making their way into the ocean every single day, millions of people across the world feel strongly about making this stop.

purple sign pasted on a black lamp post saying 'plastic takes 500 years to decompose'

Savvy brands are reducing plastic consumption; as they realise not only could it help to save the penguins, but also to boost sales.

Friends of the Earth is one of the UK’s leading charitable organisations, leading the way to a plastic free world, with this powerful mission statement.

“The first images of Earth from space inspired a movement of people who wanted to protect the only planet we have to call home. It looked beautiful yet vulnerable.

Friends of the Earth stands with anyone who cares about the world we live in, whether you’re a first-time supporter or a seasoned campaigner.”

Members of the group still live like you and I, however, the passion inside them fuels their thoughts and actions, meaning they make conscious lifestyle decisions and, in turn, make their own change.

You may not have a recycling bin at home, or you may not understand the products you can or can’t recycle. But if you care about reducing plastic waste, you can simply say thank you to those who are trying to reduce our landfills, and that will be enough.

The fight against fast fashion

If you are a huge fan of fashion, you may have noticed the growing number of brands fighting against fast fashion in a bid to help reduce landfills and stop inadequate human labour.

woman holding paper shopping bags

To be part of the movement, you don’t have to campaign outside high street stores, you simply have to make small changes to how you shop.

Whether that means giving your old clothes to a friend, or buying from brands who support sustainability, every action counts towards positive change, and nobody expects you to do it alone.

Whilst it seems young people are playing their role in the fight against fast-fashion, as new consumer research suggests 73% of millennials are willing to spend more on sustainable brands, there will always be shoppers who choose convenience.

Maybe buying sustainably is out of your budget, or the bargain dress is just too good to say no to. Nobody can control where you shop or how many clothes you buy, only you know how much you care about what you wear.

Fighting for the people

Imagine being young, alone, afraid and separated from your family in a foreign country. If just the thought of this alone makes your heart sink, you aren’t the only one. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are fighting for adequate human rights, including the refugee crisis.

black and white image of a climate rally showing a woman from behind holding a sign that reads: 'we are better than this'.

Amnesty International is one of the UK’s leading Human Rights groups in the UK. It’s campaign to reunite refugee families is ongoing, and with thousands of refugees in the UK, safety from conflict has come at a heavy price.

Restrictive and unfair Home Office rules have forced apart children from their parents at a time when they need each other the most.

With World Refugee Day this month, Amensty International is using this as a chance to add more pressure on the Home Office to change the rules, so that child refugees who are alone in the UK without their family could be safely reunited with their parents.

The campaign urges those who feel strongly about this issue to simply send one email to their local MP, in the hope a mass response will urge them to speak about these issues in Parliament.

Most of us send dozens, if not hundreds of emails every single week, so if you care about an issue- would one more be too much effort?

One email may not alter the world, but it’s an effort, and if everyone put just a minimal amount of effort towards a cause they care about, change will begin to appear.

So, to those who say, ‘there’s no point’, or ‘what difference will it make’, take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of a parent who’s separated from their child. Would you be saying ‘there’s no point’? Or would you be wrapping your arms around every person who fought to help you?

How to ignite your own passion

Finding your passion may take a while, and you’ll need to take some time to explore your thoughts and how different issues make you feel.

concrete floor with paint saying 'passion led us here'

If you find yourself thinking about the homeless man you saw in the street weeks later, analyse what you’d do differently if you had the chance. Would you offer him a coffee? Would you take him an old sweatshirt? Or would you simply smile and wish him well? Once you’ve figured this out, your path becomes clearer and you can begin to act on these thoughts the next time around, no matter how big or small your actions may be.

If you read an article about the rise of abandoned puppies in your area and you feel your eyes fill with sadness, you could simply offer to take your neighbour’s dog when they work late.

Standing on the front line isn’t for everyone, and it’s often the acts of kindness that occur behind closed doors that make the greatest impact.

Judging other people’s passions simply leads to more hate, and the world needs less of that. Support the vegans even if you still eat meat, compliment the dress of a friend – even though you know they’ve had it for years.

You don’t have to be part of every cause; you just have to respect every cause. Passion has the power to change the world, and everyone’s passion is equally valuable.



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