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The Best Foods To Help You Beat The Bloat

Bloating is something we’ve all experienced before. It’s that unpleasant swelling feeling that has you squirming in your seat or sometimes even doubled over in pain after a big night out or overindulgent Friday takeaway. Experiencing bloating from time to time is pretty normal but when it becomes a consistent feeling, there’s a good chance it could be linked to a more serious underlying problem. There are several potential causes of persistent bloating, from poor gut health and digestive issues to food intolerances. Not only do these issues cause bloating but they can also be detrimental to our mental health, resulting in brain fog, fatigue, and increased stress levels. While cutting out certain food groups such as dairy or gluten can often do the trick in solving these issues, there are also some great health foods that can actually help to stop bloating in its tracks. So in today’s post, we’re sharing some of the best foods to help you beat the bloat while boosting your overall wellbeing in the process.

1. Kimchi

Credit: Loving Foods

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented cabbage, typically served as a side or condiment. As well as being a delicious addition to your meal, Kimchi is packed with probiotics; ‘good bacteria’ that aid your digestive system to work more efficiently. When your gut is in optimal health, this reduces bloating and helps to boost mental clarity in the process. Want to add more kimchi to your diet? Shop our range of organic natural kimchi mixes, juices, and sauces in a variety of flavours here!

2. Dark Chocolate

Credit: Freedom Chocolate via @the.allergytable on Instagram

Not all chocolate is made equal and while milk and white chocolate contain dairy which could actually increase bloating, dark chocolate can actually have the opposite effect. While most of us hardly need convincing to indulge in a bar of chocolate, the health benefits of dark chocolate definitely make us feel less guilty about that post-lunch treat. Dark chocolate contains the highest percentage of cacao, a nutrient-rich substance packed with flavonoids that carry powerful antioxidant properties. Good bacteria in your gut feed on dark chocolate, releasing anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe the digestive system. Discover a variety of delicious dark chocolate bars in a range of blends and flavours with Freedom Chocolate, right here on Veo.

3. Mint Tea

Credit: NEMI Teas

Peppermint tea is often recommended for its ability to soothe digestive issues. Not only is it a refreshing beverage, but peppermint actually has muscle-relaxing abilities that can help relieve intestinal spasms, allowing air to pass through the body more easily. Additionally, peppermint tea can also relieve pain caused by bloating and cramping due to its anti-inflammatory properties making it a popular natural home remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort. Shop organic, natural, and compostable peppermint tea bags from NEMI Teas, here on Veo.

4. Kombucha

Credit: Loving Foods

If indulging in one too many alcoholic beverages on the weekend is the cause of your bloating, then kombucha might just be the perfect alternative. Similar to kimchi, kombucha is made from the fermentation process of tea which means it is packed full of probiotics that boost the good bacteria in your gut. This can help to reduce the amount of gas produced in your digestive system, reducing symptoms of bloating in the process. Swapping your next beer for a bottle of kombucha? Check out our range of kombucha flavours here!

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