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Behind the Brand: Dive into Eco Friendly Solid Beauty Bars with Trii

From global regulatory director to sustainable self-care brand founder, Yolanda Wetteland shares her path to founding a sustainable solid body-care brand. Join us as we explore the backstory that led to the creation of her brainchild, trii (pronounced “try”) and how Yolanda’s personal values and life experiences have shaped her into a tenacious individual who values excellence over complacency.

Let’s dive into the backstory a bit. Can you share with us how the brand came to be, and what personal values and life experiences influenced its creation?

Yolanda Wetteland former Global Regulatory Director at Elemis.

As someone who values achieving milestones and conquering obstacles, I have persisted through various personal and professional setbacks despite my unconventional upbringing. Born in Ukraine, raised in Zimbabwe, and now residing in England, I have learned to strive for excellence and celebrate accomplishments rather than settling for the status quo. Moreover, I have recently discovered the importance of prioritising self-care, which inspired me to create trii (pronounced “try”), a sustainable solid body-care brand. I used my expertise to develop a product line that aligns with current values and supports a healthier planet.

I launched trii due to the need for self-care with sustainability and environmental consciousness at its core. However, I have since realised the importance of a good work-life balance. I have come to realise that self-care goes beyond a nurturing bathroom ritual. It is acceptable to log off and go for a walk or reschedule a meeting because you do not have the mental capacity to think. Self-care is not selfish and needs to resonate beyond the bathroom. The last few months have been a rollercoaster with a lot of positive lessons which I will use to develop the brand into one that is seen as the intersection of sustainability and self-care in luxurious solid form, where our customers embrace the self-care message beyond the bathroom.

Can you share with us who inspires you in your work and life?

My mum was such an inspirational woman. She was a single mum who taught me that no one can succeed for me: I must do it for myself. I must have my own story to tell.

What advice would you give to other female founders or women thinking of starting their own business?

Brace yourself, it is not easy. And do not forget your self-care and wellbeing because founding and growing a business can be emotionally and mentally taxing.

As the founder, what is your take on self-care, and how has this been embraced within the brand’s philosophy?

trii Founder – Yolanda Wetteland

Like so many people who are juggling and leading busy lifestyles, over the last few years I found myself wanting to find time to slow down in all aspects of my life. We don’t all have the luxury to take a morning or an afternoon off here and there, but we can create little moments of ‘me time’ in our daily lives. This became my inspiration behind trii – to create a simple, streamlined, three-step, self-care ritual using a luxurious body cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser, all in solid form and infused with the most divine scents, designed to trigger your senses and enhance your mood.

From calming Lavender, uplifting Lemongrass, soothing Rose, energising Peppermint and enticing Incense, trii’s solid body care helps transform daily habits, like taking a shower before taking the kids to school, into a self-care ritual.

Could you give us a quick rundown of what your brand stands for?

Made for you. Made for your senses.

trii products are designed to turn daily bathing routines into a self-care ritual harnessing the power of the finest skincare ingredients and scents. Each product has been specifically designed with complementary aromas and textures to work in tandem for optimum physical and sensorial results. Pared-down elevated solid body care that brings little moments of luxury to your everyday busy lifestyle.

No plastic, reusable and recyclable packaging, letterbox size packaging, no product wastage, vegan and cruelty-free.

What sets your brand and products apart from the crowd?

trii focuses on the following key unique selling points:

  1. Sustainability Priority: trii is committed to sustainability without sacrificing luxury. Our products are always in solid form, which minimises waste and the need for excessive packaging.
  2. Environmental Consciousness: We are highly conscious of our environmental impact. By offering products in solid form, trii contributes to the reduction of plastic waste. This aligns with our dedication to keeping the planet in mind while delivering quality body care. trii packaging is recyclable as well as letterbox size.
  3. Ethical Values: trii products cater to a variety of ethical considerations. Our solid body care is suitable for vegans and additionally, being both plastic-free and cruelty-free emphasises our commitment to ethical practices.
  4. Convenience for Travel: trii products are particularly suitable for travellers due to their solid form, which eliminates concerns about liquid restrictions during travel. This convenience appeals to those who prioritise skincare while on the go.
  5. Elevated Self-Care Experience: trii not only offers body care products but also promotes a unique self-care message. Our products are designed to enhance consumers’ self-care routines, transforming them into cherished moments of relaxation and well-being. This approach differentiates trii and resonates with individuals seeking holistic self-care solutions.

In summary, trii distinguishes itself through our sustainability focus, commitment to ethical values, convenient and travel-friendly products, and our emphasis on elevating the self-care experience for consumers.

Do you have a go-to tip or trick for making the most out of your hero product? Something you’d recommend to anyone using it?

Our hero products are the hand and body exfoliating washes, designed to offer an enduring sensory delight while effectively eliminating dead skin cells. This leaves your skin feeling supple, velvety, and wonderfully rejuvenated. For optimal results, use the exfoliating compact bar three times weekly. We recommend storing it in a well-draining dish, allowing the delightful aromas to linger and enhance your bathroom ambiance.

Could you tell us about the hero ingredient in your products and what makes it so good?

Our hero ingredient in the Hand & Body washes and Hand & Body Exfoliating Washes is Aloe Vera. It is rich in water content, effectively hydrating the skin whilst providing soothing and calming properties leaving your clean, softer and moisturised.

Indulge in self-care with sustainable beauty bars. Explore the full Trii product range at Veo.



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