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The Best Low-ABV & Alcohol-Free Drinks For Sober October 2023


Sober October is back again for 2023, challenging us all to reduce our alcohol intake while raising money for a good cause. Started by Macmillan Cancer Support in 2014, this annual fundraiser encourages social drinkers to change their drinking habits, raise money for cancer sufferers and make healthier lifestyle changes in the process. Aside from supporting a fantastic cause, there are also many well-known health benefits to going sober for the month including weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, and greater mental clarity. Thinking of taking on the challenge? We’re sharing our roundup of the best low-ABV and alcohol-free drinks to make your Sober October a breeze.

PENTIRE | Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirits

Explore a range of non-alcoholic spirits from Pentire, which capture the unique botanical flavours of the North Cornwall headland. Simply pour over ice, add your favourite tonic, and finish with a garnish of your choice.

Veo Staff Pick: Seaward‏‏ | Botanical Non Alcoholic Spirit ‎Drink | 70cl

Price | £27.80

ABV | 0%

Taste | Bright, zesty, verdant

Ships from | United Kingdom

Invigorating and replenishing. Seaward’s bright and zesty grapefruit citrus top notes blended with refreshing green natural tones from the Pentire Plant Blend layered with natural berry from harvested sea buckthorn and wild seaweed.

Veo Staff Pick: Pentire Coastal Spritz | Non-Alcoholic | 50cl

Price | £22.80

ABV | 0%

Taste | natural, bitter, refreshing

Ships from | United Kingdom

NON-ALCOHOLIC APERITIF Pentire’s signature coastal botanicals are carefully blended with Blood Orange, Sea Rosemary and Oakwood to create the perfect balance of natural bitter flavours and refreshing coastal tones. Created in collaboration with the world’s best bartenders, who share Pentire’s love for the outdoors.

QUARTER | 1/4 Strength Spirits

Quarter discovered that with spirits it was either ALL or NOTHING, so they decided to shake up the industry and create the first light spirits brand! Expertly crafted and distilled. Discover your favourite spirits with just a fraction of the alcohol: 1/4 Alcohol. 1/4 Calories. 1/4 Strength. 1/4 Impact.

Veo Staff Pick: Quarter Strength Tequila | 12% Vol / 70cl

Price | £25

ABV | 12%

Taste | nice slow finish of grass, citrus & spice

Ships from | United Kingdom

We like to let the liquid speak for itself so keep it fairly simple. Mexican blue agave, black Sarawak pepper and orange habanero.

Veo Staff Pick: Quarter Strength Gin | 12% Vol / 70cl

Price | £25

ABV | 12%

Taste | London dry, fresh punch of citrus from the orange and grapefruit peel

Ships from | United Kingdom

As a classic G/N, you won’t be surprised to see the usual suspects of juniper, coriander and angelica featuring in our liquid. However, it is the inclusion of the orange peel, grapefruit peel and sweet orange that makes our unique blend so refreshing and delicious!

DECEM | Light Alcohol Spirits

DECEM has been three years in the making. Founded by renowned foodie and MasterChef finalist Billy Wright, they set on a journey to discover the optimum spirit ABV. The ideal balance between taste cues and alcohol contents – and they found the answer. At 10%, their spirits allow for lighter drinking yet retain complex, delicious flavours.

DECEM is designed to be enjoyed with the simplest of mixers to create full-flavoured yet lighter alcoholic drinks; or to mix up in traditional and contemporary cocktails you can sip day and night.

Veo Staff Pick: Spiced Blend Made With Caribbean Rum | 10% vol / 700ml

Price | £29.95

ABV | 10%

Taste | Deep caramel, warming savoury spice, rounded honey sweetness, buttery throughout with a hint of tropical fruit

Ships from | United Kingdom

Blending a duo of light and white Caribbean rums from Martinique and Dominican Republic as the smooth base. Spices are then added and the mix is allowed to steep for 2 days to draw out all of the flavour before being filtered and masterfully blended with natural distillates to 10% ABV. The result is a buttery, caramel-forward, savoury and spicy light spirit with a big impact both on the nose and the taste buds. Simply serve 50ml chilled over ice with 150ml premium Ginger Ale and a lime wedge. 2.3% ABV.

Veo Staff Pick: Aperitif Made with Heritage Botanicals | 10% Vol / 700ml

Price | £29.95

ABV | 10%

Taste | Complex woody and herbal, full-bodied guelder rose with slight floral characters. Sweet grape and subtle strawberry.

Ships from | United Kingdom

Using a special combination of botanicals, from the hedgerow to the vegetable patch. Chosen to tickle the taste buds with interesting hints of approachable bitterness, but cleverly rounded off with the tart strawberry and sweet grape to create the most adult and uniquely moreish of aperitifs. They macerate the botanicals for 2 days to extract maximum flavour, before carefully blending with the real fruit juices to create this distinctly delicious flavour. Simply serve 50ml chilled over ice with 100ml English Sparkling Wine and a dash of premium soda.


Enjoy the benefits of a fermented brew with Kombucha drinks that are gut-friendly, low impact, high in antioxidants and rich in prebiotics. Counter Culture are creators of alternative-to-alcohol drinks. Their Kombuchas are low in calories, gluten-free, carbon neutral, natural and vegan. They believe current non-alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks are typically unfulfilling, unadventurous, needlessly high in sugar, or so close to tap water you just go for tap water. 

Veo Staff Pick: Against The Current | Rhubarb & Hibiscus Kombucha | 6/12/24 x 300ml

Price | £24.95

ABV | < 0.5%

Taste | sharp rhubarb, balanced with deep raspberry notes of hibiscus

Ships from | United Kingdom

Rhubarb, but not as you know it. An alcohol alternative drink with a fruit-forward hit of sharp rhubarb, balanced with deep raspberry notes of hibiscus and finished with the golden honey mellow of organic chamomile. Best served over ice sat on a tartan blanket in a summer meadow.

Sparkling light Kombucha made with organic teas and sugar. Store cold, serve chilled.

That’s our full round of of the best low-ABV and alcohol-free drinks for Sober October and beyond! To shop our full range of non-alcoholic vegan beverages, head over to veo.world to discover more.



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