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6 Sustainably Made Women’s Transeasonal Fashion Essentials For Autumn


Summer is officially over but with the end of one season and the start of another comes the return of transeasonal dressing. This type of styling ditches the need for seasonal ‘trendy’ outfits, in favour of timeless, versatile pieces that allow you to get more wear out of your clothing all year round. Creating a transitional capsule wardrobe is all about high-quality basics, neutral tones, and lots of layering. So if you’re looking for sustainably made women’s transeasonal fashion essentials to take you through to Autumn in style, keep reading!

1. Statement Mac

When it comes to transeasonal dressing, waterproof jackets are one essential you’ll want to invest in. Macs are a timeless classic for autumn; lightweight, practical and stylish – the perfect outerwear layer for day or night.

Team Veo Pick | Waterproof Mac

Brand | Protected Species

Ships From | United Kingdom

2. Classic Blazer

Credit: 1 People

After months of fun in the sun, nothing says ‘back to business’ like a classic blazer. Oversized styles reign supreme this season, layered over dresses, paired with wide-leg trousers or just about anything for a timeless sartorial chic look.

Team Veo Pick | Havana Linen Oversized Blazer

Brand | 1 People

Ships From | Denmark

3. Chunky Boots

Credit: Bohema

Chunky boots have become a beloved winter staple in the past few years with no signs of going anywhere. These vegan leather boots combine style with substance; offering both versatility and durability for long-term wear.

Team Veo Pick | Chelsea Riot Cactus Leather Boots

Brand | Bohema

Ships From | Poland

4. Minimal Trainers

Credit: RATION.L via Nina Lea Caine

From work commutes and coffee runs to walks in the park, a classic, minimal trainer is perfect for those warm, dry Autumn days out. Pair with wide-leg trousers, your favourite jeans, or a long coat for a timeless athleisure look.

Team Veo Pick: R-Kind Vegan Leather Unisex Trainers | Moon White

Brand | RATION.L

Ships From | United Kingdom

5. Denim

Credit: Fanfare

Whatever your style, nothing feels better than slipping into your favourite pair of jeans. The versatility of denim is unmatched making them a worthy investment for your wardrobe. Dress them up with a blazer and heels for the evening or keep them casual in the day paired with some classic trainers and a rain mac.

Team Veo Pick: High Waisted Recycled “World Lovers” Embroidered Jeans, Blue Denim

Brand | Fanfare

Ships From | United Kingdom

6. Midi Shirt Dress

Credit: Komodo

A midi shirt dress is the perfect transitional piece for those unpredictable autumn days. Lightweight fabrics and short sleeves keep this look fresh for warmer moments while the longer length is perfect for keeping out the chill when the temperature drops.

Team Veo Pick: Ash | Organic Cotton Midi Shirt Tie Dress | Pebble

Brand | Komodo

Ships From | United Kingdom

Whether you’re new to sustainable style or a slow fashion veteran, a transeasonal capsule wardrobe is one investment you’ll value for years to come. Shop our full Women’s Sustainable Transeasonal Dressing Edit for more!



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