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Behind The Brand: Laumė Linen brings a touch of mindful luxury to the whole family

Laume Linen Childrens Fashion

Welcome to sustainable home life with Laumė Linen! 🌿 Nestled in the charming landscapes of Lithuania, the brand is a celebration of timeless craftsmanship and conscious choices. From the cozy embrace of home to fashionable threads, Laumė Linen offer a curated collection of handmade linen pieces. Skilled seamstresses weave tradition into every stitch, using 100% European linen, sourced sustainably from nature.

We took the time to find out more about Laumė and how the brand came to be, with founder Miglė.

Can you tell us the story behind your brand’s creation? What sparked the inspiration?

Founder Miglė

My work with designers and linen for over 10 years has brought me to this point- starting my own linen line. Linen has a huge place in the Lithuanian heritage and thus it had always meant a lot to me. Having spent most of my adult life abroad, and after having my first child, I decided to get back to my roots and linen simply came around naturally.

How does your brand mission connect with current cultural movements and societal needs?

Laumė’s most cherished values are sustainability, social commitment, zero waste. We produce on demand, respect the planet and those living in it (cruelty-free and vegan-friendly). Every piece is all natural fibre based and biodegradable. We encourage slow living and handcraft. The main message we send out to our beloved customers is buy less, but by better.

Since the launch, have your brand’s mission and values taken any interesting turns or evolved?

As we’ve only launched in 2023 we are happy to be fulfilling our mission and values and we are planning to expand our zero-waste line.

Every brand has its pivotal moments. Any defining milestones that stand out in your journey so far?

Christmas was a wonderful period as we had an amazing success and feedback with our Christmas linen stockings which are from our zero waste line.

We’d love to hear about testimonials, features, or recognition that really highlight your brand’s impact. Anything you’re particularly proud of?

Mens Linen Pyjama Set

We are truly honoured to have happy returning customers, here are some of their feedbacks:

‘My fiancé loves these pyjamas! He wanted pyjamas that were very soft but, also wouldn’t get too hot or sweaty in. So these linen pyjamas were the perfect choice. They are Incredibly soft and such a beautiful color’ -Kareli

‘I love these [oven] mittens… Super good quality and nicely made. I am very happy with my purchase and will soon order another one. Thank you so much!’ – Kathinka

‘The quality is beautiful! Very soft! You will love them! Customer service was outstanding! Thank you so much Migle for all your help! Natural linen fitted sheet and beige stripes duvet.’ – Juliann

Being on Veo, we’re aware of your commitment to ethics and being vegan-friendly. Can you shed more light on the sustainable practices and initiatives you prioritise?

We do not have stock, everything is made to order; our products are cruelty-free and vegan, all natural fibre based and biodegradable. We also upcycle our linen scraps to make smaller products, and our packaging is recyclable and sustainable too!

Sustainability is a journey with its share of challenges. Any hurdles you faced while going green, and how did you tackle them?

It was a little difficult when it comes to packaging but we did our research and made sure we could provide the best possible option we can at this point. We do, however, wish to be 100% biodegradable in the near future.

Looking ahead, how do you plan to further step up your sustainability game and shape the future of your brand?

We wish to grow our zero-waste line and to become 100% biodegradable (including packaging). We are hoping to be able to introduce a second hand/a little damaged or used product line, and also to run a sample sale in the future.

Mindful luxury with Laumė

Join the journey as Laumė redefines elegance, offering not just beautiful, but consciously crafted goods that resonate with ethical values. It’s warm invitation to embrace sustainable living for the entire family. Welcome to the world of mindful luxury!

Got a new found love for Laumė Linen? Discover their full premium linen collection here, all made to order, all ethical, all beautiful, all linen.

Laume Linen



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