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Behind the Brand: Dead Sea Dream


Dead Sea Dream offer a streamlined, elegant approach to the spa ritual, beautiful efficacious products with no compromise on performance, dedicated to the pursuit of flexibility in self-care.

Drawing on her deep connection with the Dead Sea, inspired by the unique, mineral rich waters and wishing to share the authentic, restorative experience with people in a more modern and sustainable style; founder, Louise, opens up to Veo about her brands story, capturing the purity and heritage of the Dead Sea region and hopes for the future.

What is the inspiration and story behind the creation of your brand?

I am half French/half Israeli and I have always been very close to the Dead Sea region. I loved to purchase products there and bring them back to my friends and family in Europe. I couldn’t find any engaging beauty brand in Europe formulated with Dead Sea minerals that were engaging, accessible and came at an affordable price. 

I also used to work in a very fast paced environment, I was aware that taking more time and care for myself would be beneficial to me, but I just didn’t make the time for it. I think that the beginning of the pandemic has been a turning point for me as it has been for a lot of people. The moment life stopped, I started taking care of myself, self-caring at home, eating healthy and exercising, I quickly realized that it made me become much more productive at work with a better outlook on life in general, what’s important and what isn’t. 

I also started to reflect on myself and what I wanted to bring to the world. Which is why I decided to create Dead Sea Dream. Our mission is to make Dead Sea minerals affordable, accessible and sustainable anywhere in the world, encouraging people to care for themselves, without feeling guilty about it. While getting more people to know about the Dead Sea and contribute to its long-term preservation. 

How does your brand mission align with current cultural movements and societal needs?

Dead Sea Dream’s mission is to find a sustainable way forward, so that we leave nothing but positivity behind. We are committed to be and remain unisex as we value each customer regardless of their age, gender or ethnic background. Coming from a diverse background myself, inclusivity and diversity are at the core of the brand. I love connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds, I find it so enriching and interesting to learn their story and see how we all interpret the world differently. 

In addition, to contribute to greener and more eco-friendly supply chain, it was very important to me at the research and development stage to work with companies who share my vision for a more sustainable future. We’ve developed conscious formulations with natural ingredients that were carefully harvested to protect the environment for future generations. We also chose to pack all of our products in recyclable packaging, sourced close to the manufacturing site, to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum. 

Finally, I had the chance to connect and meet with Ari, from The Dead Sea Revival project. Surprisingly there are not a lot of NGOs out there who care about the Dead Sea and its preservation. Ari is a former entrepreneur himself, so it was so interesting to hear about his life story and benefit from his experience. We directly understood each other and got along really well. Which is why Dead Sea Dream is now supporting The Dead Sea Revival Project by donating a percentage of its annual revenue to raising awareness and contributing to the Dead Sea’s long-term preservation. 

Have your brand mission and values evolved at all since you first launched?

We launched in October 2022 so at the moment our brand mission has remained the same. I was very proud and honoured to send our first donation to the Dead Sea revival project in January 2023. Moreover, as we have started to develop new products that will complement our initial range, we are researching more eco-friendly packaging innovations to further reduce our impact on the environment.   

Have there been any defining moments or turning points in your brand’s journey so far?

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Building a new skincare brand from the ground up and seeing so many positive feedback after our launch last year has been the most beautiful defining moment for me. 

After that, I’d say that one of the main turning point was launching our sampling campaign, which has been very successful in getting more customers to try and review our products.  

Alongside this, we have rapidly grown our distribution channels with distributors that share our vision and mission for a better, more sustainable world, such as Veo! And this is just the beginning, I am really excited for what’s to come in 2023 as the health and wellness sector is growing attractively. 

Could you share any testimonials, features or recognition that particularly showcase your brand and its impact?

Our products have been featured in Vogue UK, Vanity Fair, and House & Garden. We also received the Vegan Beauty Awards 2023 for our entire range of products. You can find our product testimonials on our website. Below are a few from our most loyal customers.

As you’re featured on Veo, we know that you’re an ethical and 100% vegan-friendly business. But could you expand more on the sustainable practices and initiatives you prioritise and implement?

First of all, I was very proud to send our first donation in January 2023 to help the efforts of The Dead Sea Revival Project in raising awareness and contributing to the long-term preservation of the Dead Sea region. 

Where we can, we do not use secondary pack as it is a packaging element that tends to end up straight in the bin after using the product for the first time. We also encourage our customers to up-cycle or recycle our packaging with information at the back of each product and through our marketing communication. We also chose to be very transparent with the ingredients used in our formulation, you can find our full list of ingredients and what they’re used for on our website. 

Finally, we carefully choose who we work with, making sure that we share the same sustainability vision with our partners is very important to build strong bases for long-term collaborations. 

Have you faced any challenges or obstacles in becoming sustainable and if so, how did you overcome them?

The Biggest challenge I experienced in making the brand sustainable is the packaging selection of our products. I feel like the beauty industry is slowly starting to adapt to minimise the waste associated with single-use plastic or glass containers. There are not a lot of sustainable options out there. Which is why I decided to go with local suppliers, close to my manufacturer to avoid transporting empty packaging from across the world and reduce our footprint to a minimum. All of our packaging is recyclable and we encourage people to be more conscious about recycling our products at the back of the pack and through our marketing communications. 

How do you plan to improve upon your sustainability and evolve the brand story in the future?

I’d like to evolve the brand into a lifestyle self-care brand that not only caters skincare, body care and hair care products made with 100% natural Dead Sea minerals but also beauty and home accessories. Product development is very time consuming and there are a lot of details to take into consideration such as regulatory frameworks, ingredients origin and innovations compatibility. 

I also plan on getting more involved with The Dead Sea Revival Project and organise Dead Sea beach cleaning twice a year with my team and local communities to help preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the site. 

You can explore the whole Dead Sea Dream range at Veo and give your skin and The Dead Sea’s unique and sacred landscapes the love and care it deserves.



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