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Sleep Pants | NATTWELL™ Sleep Tech | Various Colours

Exceptional thermo-regulation and moisture management will make sleeping as easy as can be with NATTWELL™. 2x softer than cotton and 6x more breathable these moisture wicking pajamas pants feel like a second skin. Extremely breathable ...
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Dagsmejan is the world's most comfortable sleepwear. Swedish design, Swiss innovation and sustainably made in Europe.

After a good night’s sleep we feel refreshed and energised, ready to make the most of each day with a clear mind. That’s why Dagsmejan sleepwear was developed, a unique range of sleepwear designed for incredible sleep comfort all night, every night.

Sleep is one of the most powerful tools for a better tomorrow—we can literally sleep our way to becoming happier, healthier, smarter and faster. Sleep is key for our health and the right temperature is key for our sleep. With a super soft touch as well as unique moisture-wicking and temperature management properties, Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort.