The Luz | Vegan Leather Knee High Heeled Pull-on Boot | Black

I remember that when I was 14 years old they gave me some elastic boots that I never took off my back, they were extremely comfortable and combined with a thousand things. This is the reason why this season we bring you the Luz, our new vegan high ...
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Mireia Playà shoes are manufactured in Alicante by craftsmen experts. Their manufacturers are backed by decades of experience in traditional shoe making and now bring that same know-how and convenience to our vegans products. Mireia Playà promote a sustainable, responsible and ethical fashion industry. In addition, they believe in conscious rather than impulsive buying, so they create products to experience them, not to accumulate them.

From the knowledge and experience in the world of footwear, they create a honest and exciting project, to share with those who, like us, want a better world. At Mireia Playà they seek to ensure that all materials are vegan, but also that they are aware of the latest developments in recycled and sustainable materials and they are implementing them as they are confident and certified that they meet their objective.

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