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Savannah dress | bamboo

Introducing Sustainable and Earth-friendly line, designed and made to inspire change in fashion. Our signature Savannah dress is made for the hottest days & nights, loose, non-clingy fit, made in sustainable bamboo fibre offers ...
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The idea behind the Rose Corps is to create contemporary streetwear in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable way. All items are about personality and individuality, handmade with high-quality standards, hand-dyed, printed & embroidered in the brand's studio to create something as unique as their customers.

Rose Corps is an independent project celebrating the art of making clothes - every single piece is designed, created, and then photographed by the founder, Naomi. Some of the garments take months to be prepared and feature materials collected personally by Naomi from all over the world, so every embellishment carries a wonderful story that waits to be continued!

Rose Corps fabrics are now entirely sustainable - bought from fair trade suppliers, organic, recycled, anti-bacterial, biodegradable, or even energy-reducing!

The brand's box and its components are paper (even the sellotape)! So you can just place it in your recycling bin. It also features ribbon made 100% out of recycled plastic waste! Yup, plastic bottles never looked so pretty.