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Zero-waste Up-cycled Hair Scrunchies | Pack of 3

One of our most important commitments is to reduce our fabric waste and resource use.Thank you to our zero-waste team for transforming and not letting anything go to waste! Set of 3 epically soft scrunchies made entirely from our nylon ...
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Ships from Italy | Customs & Duties may apply to UK orders

Inhala Soulwear was founded by two Peruvian yogis who decided to create an authentic and mindful soulwear brand. The vision was to create a tribe with a lifestyle true to its kind.

Born in the mystical land of Peru, Inhala, or to inhale in English, opens the initial doorway connecting mind, body and soul.

With care and love, Inhala combine the highest quality of eco-friendly and innovative materials with creative designs and highly vibrant colors.

Inhala is committed to conscious production, tracing the supply chain in full to ensure a positive impact on society and the environment.