What makes Veo ‘Earth friendly’ ?

At Veo, being the Earth friendly marketplace means that every product sold on the marketplace is “good for the Earth, and everyone on it.”

To do this we created a comprehensive Ethical criteria that we apply to ourselves, our vendors, and every single product that you see listed on the marketplace.

This criteria is based around our 3 Pillars: Kind, Healthy, Green.

You can see more about the Veo criteria by Category here.

Or read on below to find out more reasons to shop at Veo ↓


Why shop at Veo?

If you want to make better decisions when you shop, and make sure the things you buy are better for you, cause no harm, fairer, more sustainable, and better for the planet...

...in other words, you can become a real life SUPERHERO.

Your spending power is your superpower - making your consumer choices a force for good!


Maybe you care about the environment?

Protecting the planet is one of our highest priorities, and great measures are taken to ensure that all vendors and products consider the environmental and ecological impact of the design, manufacture, production, processing and fulfilment of goods, to achieve low-carbon, minimal waste, reduced pollution, and eco friendly trading.

The Veo website and our technology infrastructure is entirely carbon-neutral, our data centres consume 50% less energy than the typical datacentre, and we use only 100% renewable energy.


Or, do you care about people?

Veo vendors are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity and respect for others and our communities, at home and around the world.

For this we ensure responsible global supply chains that protect the rights of workers, promote fair trade and uphold ethical labour standards, with:

  • No child labour
  • No use of forced labour
  • No employee discrimination
  • No excessive hours of work
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legal labour contracts, and
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

Veo is a Living Wage employer.

We also hold the Fair Tax Mark, to pay our fair share of tax.


Do you care about animals?

We care about animals, so much so that Veo is a 100% vegan marketplace. This means avoiding the use, exploitation and oppression of animals, creating a cruelty-free zone that promotes the rights and wellbeing of all living creatures.

All products sold on Veo are free from any animal products or by-products (including all ingredients and raw materials), are not animal tested, and 100% cruelty free.


Want to reduce waste and/or tackle the plastic problem?

In our mission for a greener planet we are working to eliminate single-use plastic from our platform. This means reducing waste and plastic in our packaging, choosing only sustainable, 100% biodegradable, compostable materials, and refraining from the use of polystyrene packing chips, polythene inflated air pillows, and similar* #wedontuseplastic.

*This applies to orders fulfilled by Veo. We also support our vendors who fulfil their own orders to eliminate single-use packaging materials, and move to adopting 100% compostable packaging.


Do you want to live safer and healthier in the food your eat and the products you use?

We have carefully vetted and curated our platform to achieve exactly this goal. To ensure all products are free from free from any nasties in all forms.

There are no toxic or harmful ingredients found in any of our categories: Fashion, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, Home & Leisure. You can see more about the Veo criteria by Category here.


Or maybe you want all of the above?!

Well, you’re in the right place! As every one of these is embedded into the very fabric of Veo.

The ethical marketplace ✔ the eco-friendly marketplace ✔ the vegan marketplace ✔ = the Earth friendly marketplace !

You can browse the site, discover and shop, knowing that we share the same principles, and have done lots of the work for you! ☺

Continue the superhero journey at Veo, and flex your superpowers ♥


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