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SACO Baobab Powder - 100% Natural Supplement



The Tree of Life, The Upside Down Tree, The Monkey Bread Tree. These are only some of the names given to the iconic Baobab Tree. It only grows in Africa and Australia. The pulp of its fruits has the unique and extraordinary characteristic of drying naturally on the branch. When you crack open the hard shell you find the fruit pulp that comes in little whitish dry chunks that are then ground into powder. Because the baobab fruit pulp is naturally dry, it doesn’t need to undergo any heating or pasteurisation process.

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The Baobab Fruit Powder contains more antioxidants than any other fruit out there. It It is a natural supplement and the human body can absorb it more easily than any other manufactured vitamin supplements or protein shake.

Several studies have shown that the Baobab Fruit Powder is rich in:

· Vitamin C, A, B6

· Fibre

· Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium

As a result, if used regularly:

· It helps the body to recover more easily from tiredness and fatigue

· It strengthens the immune system

· It regulates the digestive system and cleanse the liver

· It reduces blood sugar levels in people that suffer from diabetes.

You can use 1 teaspoon (6-8g) of baobab fruit powder in so many ways. Here are some examples:


· Add it in your smoothie or milkshake

· Stir it into yogurt or porridge

· Sprinkle on your fruit salad or granola


· Sprinkle on your salad

· Stir it in your soup or your curries

· Add it in your seasoning to marinade meat and fish

SACO Baobab Powder is from the Ivory Coast (West Africa). The pulp is 100 % pure with no additives or preservatives and it’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

For more information on our baobab fruit powder, or our fantastic range of African Superfoods, get in touch with us today, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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