Mushi echoes like a friendly hello from Japan, whose rich traditional knowledge inspired the brand. And it is also the short name for mushroom, the life that they love watching grow!

Mushi develops natural mini wood logs ready-to-grow for home production of tasty shiitake mushrooms! Educational, fun, and easy, the mushroom logs are perfect for the natural flavors fans and for those who are passionate about the magic process of growing life. The perfect gift for a dedicated urban organic farmer!

Sustainability is Mushi's greatest commitment, so they respect an ecological and responsible production and promote ecological consumption practices. All Mushi's products are handmade and all the used materials are recycled or recyclable, event the mushroom logs which can be composted or reused as firewood after the end of life. The project is based on the traditional Japanese method of mushroom growing on tree logs and bets on the concept of grow your own, to bring the forest flavors into your home. The species Lentinula edodes ( Shiitake) is a wood decomposing fungus, which grows naturally in tree logs. Through a completely natural process, without using any artificial fertilizers or pesticides, there are thus obtained natural mushrooms, with high nutritional and gastronomic value.

Shiitake mushroom is an ancient secret of traditional oriental medicine. Known in the Ming Dynasty as "the elixir of life", it is used for over a thousand years due to its therapeutic properties. It contains lentinan, a compound approved as a drug in Japan for several decades, and whose scientific studies have demonstrated the respective therapeutic properties, particularly in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

This mushroom is also recognized for its nutritional value. Almost with no calories (20kcal on average per 100g) and low in fat, mushrooms still retain a considerable amount of protein, its nutritional value being comparable to milk and meat, and significantly more nutritious than most vegetables. Identified as a superfood, low in calories, rich in protein, fiber and A, B and C vitamin complex, it is a tasty choice for those who want to maintain a healthy diet and take care of the line.