Cedar, Sage & Ylang Ylang | Essential Oil Reed Diffuser | 115ml

CEDAR, SAGE & YLANG YLANG CALMING REED DIFFUSER The Ubiety Calming reed diffuser uses a soothing blend of essential oils including earthy cedarwood, fresh and floral ylang ylang, spearmint and sage, chosen to promote calm and ...
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Ubiety is a range of nurturing plant-based body care which aims to soothe, relax and re-energise body and soul. Each of our products promotes wellbeing and mindfulness through calming and empowering formulations, inspired by the wild woodlands and its strength. The range also includes plant based home fragrance 

ALL OF UBIETY'S PROFITS GO TO CHARITY every purchase is an act of kindness-to you, to others, to the environment.

'Feel Good, Do Good'