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Peace And Calm Scented Candles with Vetiver, Cedarwood and Patchouli Gift Box


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Peace And Calm Natural Scented Candle with Vetiver, Cedarwood and Patchouli

Organic House therapeutic candles enhance your environment - made with soy wax and only pure essential oils

Peace And Calm candle in a gift box

Please note this is 1 candle in a gift box. Selection images are for information only.

Woody, earthy, intoxicating scent

THERAPY: Comforting yet revitalises and strengthens



Candles are 60g each with approx. burn time of 17 hours each.

Organic House aromatherapy candles are hand poured with 100% natural, non-toxic soy wax and scented with only pure essential oils. Ingredients are sourced from sustainable crops free from herbicides, pesticides, GM material giving a clean burn with unbleached cotton and lead free wicks. Exclusively made in the UK.

Warning: Never leave burning candle unattended. Burn out of reach of children and away from anything that could catch fire. Do not move candle whilst wax is in liquid state. First burn - burn for 1 hour or until surface has become molten. Snuff candle rather than blow out.

  • Fairly Made

    The seller confirms this item has been ethically produced, ensuring fair working practices

  • Vegan

    The seller confirms this item uses no animal products in any stage of production

  • Handmade

    The seller confirms this item has been handmade using only simple tools

  • Chemical-free

    The seller confirms this item has been made without the use of hazardous chemicals

  • Energy Conscious

    The seller confirms this item has been made using energy-efficient manufacturing methods

  • No Animal Testing

    The seller confirms that no part of this product has ever been tested on animals

Organic House

Organic House is an award winning UK brand of premium organic skincare. Anti-inflammatory, anti-pollution and anti-ageing products; our range benefits all ages, men and women; our products are made using 100% pure aromatherapy and natural, organic certified ingredients, fragrance free, tested only on humans. The formulas are concentrated blends of botanical oils, rich omegas, vitamins and active ingredients that are anti-inflammatory. Each ingredient chosen is proven for their results.