Take a stand against tax dodging
when you shop on Veo!


As a business we are committed to paying our fair share of tax.

Why does this matter?

While many companies in the UK and around the world do all they can to avoid paying their taxes (causing damage both here in the UK and in the developing world), Veo aims to be a leading contributor towards a better society, eco-friendly economy, and functioning democracy.

Without tax we can’t fund and sustain the change.

  • Tax pays for the vital good, services, and security that we all need, whoever we are and whatever we do. It can help everyone get the chance they deserve in life.
  • Tax provides the essential services and infrastructure businesses need to operate. It ensures a level playing field where competition is about what a company supplies and not about who can cheat the most.
  • Tax helps build trust and legitimacy in our institutions. When people cheat, it demonstrates how the system works for the privileged few rather than representing all of our interests.

Fair Tax Mark Statement of VEO:

This statement of Fair Tax compliance was compiled in partnership with the Fair Tax Mark and certifies that Veo meets the standards and requirements of the Fair Tax Marks UK Small Business Standard.

Tax Policy

Veo is committed to paying all the taxes that we owe in accordance with the spirit of all tax laws that apply to our operations. We believe that paying our taxes in this way is the clearest indication we can give of our being responsible participants in society.

We will fulfill our commitment to paying the appropriate taxes that we owe by seeking to pay the right amount of tax, in the right place and at the right time. We aim to do this by ensuring that we report our tax affairs in ways that reflect the economic reality of the transactions we undertake in the course of our trade.

We will not seek to use those options made available in tax law, or the allowances and reliefs that it provides, in ways that are contrary to the spirit of the law. Nor will we undertake specific transactions with the sole or main aim of securing tax advantages that would otherwise not be available to us based on the reality of the trade that we undertake.

The company will never undertake transactions that would require notification to HM Revenue & Customs under the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations or participate in any arrangement to which it might be reasonable anticipated that the UK’s General AntiAbuse Rule might apply.

We believe tax havens undermine the UK’s tax system. As a result, whilst we may trade with customers and suppliers genuinely located in places considered to be tax havens we will not make use of those places to secure a tax advantage, and nor will we take advantage of the secrecy that many such jurisdictions provide for transactions recorded within them. Our accounts will be prepared in compliance with this policy and will seek to provide all that information that users, including HM Revenue & Customs, might need to properly appraise our tax position.

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