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Did you know Veo is #1 Ethical Retailer on the scoreboard?

What is EthicalConsumer.Org?

Ethical Consumer Research Association (established 1989) are the leading UK consumer guide that scores companies worldwide on their social, environmental, and ethical principles.

In a nutshell, they inform and empower consumers to find products that are better for us, and the world around us.

We’ve earned our Best Buy badge

Ethical Consumer's Best Buy Badge is a unique label that certifies the ethical record of the company behind the products, and the environmental and ethical legitimacy of the products themselves.

Helping shoppers like me and you avoid falling for ethical and environmental 'claims' that turn out to be little more than greenwash.

For example, a jar of coffee could be labelled as being organic, Fairtrade, or both, but be made by a controversial multi-national corporation and would therefore never receive the Best Buy Label.

Ethical Consumer helps identify responsible businesses, and ensure that the Best Buy badge = Shopping Ethically.

We’re also Number 1!

We were ranked the top spot for ethical online retailer, where Ethical Consumer investigated, scored and ranked the ethical and environmental record of 24 ethical online retailers.

This guide was part of their #BoycottAmazon Amazon alternatives series, which are designed to help consumers avoid companies that aren't paying a fair rate of tax.

The full guide and scoreboard of 24 ethical online retailers can be subscribed to and read at:

You can also check our Q&A interview with Ethical Consumer at: