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Taking on the Dry January Challenge this year? Discover our range of alcohol-free alternatives that are guaranteed to make this month a breeze. Choose from a variety of healthy, low sugar drinks; from non-alcoholic botanical spirits and nootropics to Kombucha blends and sparkling coffee tonics designed to uplift and boost wellbeing.

Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirits

Explore a range of non-alcoholic spirits which capture the unique botanical flavours of the North Cornwall headland. Simply pour over ice, add your favourite tonic and finish with a garnish of your choice 

Nootropics & Health Drinks

Boost your vitality and wellbeing with natural nootropics and health drinks that are packed full of antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals to help you feel your very best. All-natural, plant-based, sustainable and nutrient-rich.


Enjoy the benefits of a fermented brew with Kombucha drinks that are gut-friendly, low impact, high in antioxidants and rich in prebiotics. Discover a range of delicious blends made from fermented tea and infused with great tasting flavour.

Coffee Tonics

Skip the G&T and opt for a refreshing tonic with a twist! Infused with coffee, raw cane sugar, botanical extracts and natural flavours, we guarantee you'll feel uplifted and energised with each sparkling sip.