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Organic Face Mask | Green Clay | 120ml

Active ingredient Ultra ventilated argiletz green clayRecommended for Oily or combination skin Best for Deep yet gentle purification 80g/120ml jarWhy you’ll love itNow and again, our skin really deserves a reset. Our face is ...
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Bristolmade products are free from parabens, artificial colours and preservatives, giving you beautiful skin without any harmful additives.

All ingredients are whipped, not heated, which maintains their beneficial properties.

Bristolmade products are truly natural as they only contain plant butters and oils with absolutely no synthetic stabilisers.

Bristolmade products are also vegan, cruelty-free and zero waste. Bristolmade products are handmade, so there will be slight variations between batches which may affect product appearance, aroma and viscosity.

Their products are free from chemical stabilisers - if your product shows signs of separation, use a clean teaspoon to blend them again.

Please take care to store products below 25C and away from direct sunlight to improve the stability and preserve the ingredients.