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Recyclable Blade Unisex Safety Razor | Blue Clay

A “game changer”: for the closest shave yet – no dryness from tugging at the skin and no Razor rash or red bumpsBuilt to last a lifetime, our high-quality razors is a “game changer”. Fashioned from durable, solid chrome – ensuring they’ll not ...
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YOKU is a collection of sustainable personal care essentials for everyday life.

Thoughtfully curated with pure intention, YOKU aims to provide exceptional products that work in harmony with people and planet.

Inspired by personal values and a deep respect for sustainability and the environment, YOKU was founded by Fran to focus on ethical and responsible sourcing, while celebrating the purity and efficiency of natural ingredients.

For too long, the world of personal care has been defined by suspect chemicals and exaggerated promises. YOKU sets out to challenge this industry by going back to basics. Working from the ground up, we plan to build a range of beautifully designed, premium products with the highest quality ingredients – ensuring that they never come at Earth’s expense. Staying true to our philosophy of simplicity and transparency, YOKU intends to remain uncompromising in its mission to offer an all-round better alternative to your daily routine.

'Our mission is to connect people to the planet through an uncompromised range of quality products, all thoughtfully crafted to nurture a purpose-driven way of living that works in harmony with nature, not against it.' Fran, Founder of YOKU