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Veo is the place to go to shop better!

Veo is the future-facing online retail destination for consumers who care about the origins of the products they purchase. Our mission is to become the world’s leading shopping & lifestyle marketplace, to inspire kind, healthy, green living - and help us all discover products that are better for us and the world around us.

Home to 100s of unique independent brands that create high-quality sustainable products, Veo is a curated platform where customers can shop freely knowing that all products and vendors align with our 3 pillars KIND - HEALTHY - GREEN (scroll down to see our 3 pillars). We continuously search the globe for incredible, sustainable, and ethical brands and invite them to join Veo so that you can continue to discover the most high-quality products, made responsibly, by brands that care.


"We believe in the power of people, and that our consumer choices can be a force for good."

Our collective spending power is our SUPERPOWER rocket.png?1565082436438

We’re here to:

  • champion health, biodiversity, and sustainability.
  • minimise any harm caused to ourselves, others, or to the environment around us.
  • promote a circular economy.
  • empower small business, and enable ethical economic opportunity.
  • celebrate artisans, designers, small batch producers, and dedication to craftsmanship (craftspersonship).
  • empower the consumer, by providing informed choice, a curated platform of exceptional sustainable quality, and a feel good shopping experience.


Effortlessly Ethical is our platform promise!

We know shopping ethically can be challenging. It can require reading labels, checking ingredients, researching brands, finding products... and this is where Veo comes in... we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Veo makes the kind, healthy, green choices simple and easy for everyone!

Watch our video, featuring Evie, one of our favourite Earth friendly ambassadors

The 3 Pillars of Veo

= Kind, Healthy, Green

i) Kind:
promoting dignity and quality of life for all humans and non-humans.

Humans: This means upholding human rights, labour rights and worker rights, and promoting equality, equity, fairness, respect, and social justice in society and all communities across the world. This includes no child labour, no use of forced labour, no employee discrimination, no excessive hours of work, and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, legal labour contracts, and freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Non-humans: It also means promoting animal rights, establishing a cruelty-free zone, and a 100% vegan marketplace without the consumption or use of any animal products, by-products, animal testing, or exploitation.

ii) Healthy:
promoting health & happiness for mind, body, and soul.

We believe health & safety are a fundamental dimension to quality of life, and as such we ensure to promote a way of living free from toxins, harmful chemicals and ingredients, for a clean, safe, vibrant, healthy lifestyle. When the things we consume or use contain harmful substances then this can evidently cause health problems, either from contamination in our food or by acute toxicity found in our everyday products. So we ensure our brand vendors operate clean supply chains for their products and production processes to promote clean, natural, healthy living.

iii) Green:
promoting planet awareness, sustainability and biodiversity.

Biodiversity refers to the variety of animals, plants, ecosystems, their habitats and genes on which all life depends. So biodiversity is the foundation for all life on earth, and we depend on it for our wellbeing and survival. Biodiversity underpins the global economy, our global food chain, and the provision of goods and services, therefore, protecting the environment is critical to ensure responsible and sustainable consumption. This includes conserving our natural resources (renewable and non-renewable), recycling, reducing pollution and waste, stimulating good water stewardship, promoting a circular economy, and promoting veganic agriculture (organic + vegan, combined with proven methods e.g. permaculture, agroforestry) as the only systematic approach to sustainable agriculture and food production.