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About Veo

The History of ‘Stuff’

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolutions in the 18th century, humankind transitioned to new processes of design, manufacturing and production.
 This enabled access to goods the likes that we had
 never seen, bringing incredible new opportunities from businesses and consumers alike.

These innovations influenced almost every aspect of our daily lives, yet by the 21st century we are all witness to 
the impacts these technological advances and our new consumer habits were having on people and planet. 
It was time for change.

A New Era

Today, we are faced with urgently reversing these impacts of industry and consumption, and never has the time been better for disrupting old models and replacing with new. To reinvent the nature of our consumption, in pursuit of a regenerative ‘circular economy’ that aims to redefine growth, and focus on positive society-wide benefits. With thousands of visionary brands worldwide, and an army of conscious consumers ready to embrace them, we needed a platform that could bring these change-makers together…

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation describes a Circular Economy as one that looks "beyond the current take-make-dispose extractive industrial model", and "represents a systemic shift… [that] aims to redefine growth, focus on positive society-wide benefits… build long-term resilience, business and economic opportunities, and provide environmental and societal benefits."

Enter Veo

An online shopping community for people and businesses to connect, shop, and change the world. An online marketplace to connect sustainable brands and shoppers, and a vital future-facing alternative to other platforms that fall short of these ideals. We’re seeking to solve huge real world problems, empower ethical and sustainable brands, and are on a mission to make earth friendly mainstream.

The future is

Everything you see is earth-friendly